If Lesnar had never left, would Cena ever have become the face of WWE?

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  1. Vince obviously had a large boner for Brock. I have to think Cena would not be where he is today if Brock had not decided he hated the lifestyle of professional wrestling.
  2. No he'd probs be the no.2 in the company as Brock would so be no.1. Lesnar was huge and VKM loved him the fans loved him.

    However is the massive hardon for ppl have for Lesnar related to the fact he left? If he'd stayed would he have become this huge legend?
  3. Hard to tell what type of longevity Brock would have had with the fans; but I think the hard on certainly has to do with Brock's abilities, size, & to a lesser extent his look because he was a picture perfect example of a professional wrestler in those aspects. If he was as bad at keeping his character fresh as Cena has been, I would have to guess the IWC would be hating on him as much as they do Cena.
  4. Yes he would (imo). Cena has a stupidly marketable look and can actually speak and communicate with others without sounding nervous. Brock would eventually become the Batista, the #2 behind Cena.
  5. 'Stupidly marketable look' is a direct rip off of something Seabs said :lol1:
  6. I agree with both these posts however like I said I do feel some of Brocks legendary status is due to him leaving and not having the chance to become stale. Would love to see him back though as who wouldn't want Cena/Lesnar
  7. I believe he ripped that off me actually, I've said it for years, or it's just a huge coincidence. The only guys who match his marketable look in my opinion is Orton, Taker and HHH.
  8. Could he be any more of a wanna be?
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  9. Are you talking about currently? There are tons of guys who have had looks as marketable or more marketable to Cena throughout history.

    Not even if he tried :pity:
  10. Cena was marketable as at one time he was the only guy who could be the guy they promoted yeah we got Orton etc but Cena became everything associated with the WWE due to his look and his ability to connect with fans and the casual fans and the kids.
  11. Yeah currently. I think comparing marketable looks from the past is a good idea for a thread actually. :gusta:

    I can't be a wannabe, I'm UID1. :taker:
  12. I think TNA has a few guys who have the look. Crimson & Morgan both come to mind, as does Styles, although he is a little on the short side to be considered in the conversation.
  13. Brock isn't better than John at all. WWE is better because of John. I can't picture Brock on a t-shirt I or any of my friends would want 2 buy either. He's probably a jerk who'd wear sunglasses and sound uninspiring in interviews
  14. To be honest in my opinion none of those match Cena, sure they have a good look but not at his level. One person I think who does though is Roode for some reason.
  15. Yea but dude, you are a chick. Chicks dig Cena
  16. Styles is and always has been a top guy he's one of them that I wish would come to the WWE but in a good period of time where he would be utilized as a top drawer and have good storylines so not rite now lols
  17. This man has the fucking look bro. He's basically a ginger Goldberg but with sweet ass tattoos instead of a lame ass tribal tattoo

  19. Granted, he does look like a bit of a badass. Not sure how marketable he would be though.
  20. I still think Cena would be the main baby face of the company, because Brock played a better heel
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