If pets could talk

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  1. List off somethings that a cat, dog, or other pet would say while doing something that brings you annoyance. I saw something like this somewhere else and was laughing.

    Examples -->

    Cat "I see you are sleeping and left a glass of water by the bed. You also smell. Let me help you!"
    Dog "Vrrrroooooooommmmmm!... What? I am racing the cat" *rubbing ass on the rug*
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  3. lol
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  4. This is why we can't own tigers. lol
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  5. ^ Not zing worthy, just depressing... :okay:
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  6. I guess you'll have to settle for a tiger toy for now. lol
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  8. :nope:
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  9. my dog would probably tell me to stop fucking his asshole
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  10. You'd have somebody to talk to

  11. "you have no money"
  12. My cat meows at me constantly (which sounds more like scolding and overall bossiness), so I think she'd tell me a lot of things if she could. In particular, I think she'd tell me to fill up her bowl with more food.
  13. My parrot talks all the time. The damn bird never shuts up.
  14. I think at this point, if animals could talk they would ask what the heck is wrong with us LOL
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