If Punk wasn't a main eventer, would his attitude actually be praised by the IWC?

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  1. I can't help but feel that the hatred Punk gets on here sometimes for his attitude is solely because of the backing he did receive from WWE. Many of the IWC have issues with the way WWE does things, so would the IWC treat Punk standing up for what he believes in -- regardless of how much of a douchebag he is when he does it -- be treated in a different way if he was an average midcarder?

    I personally think it would be praised by the majority and seen as a "midcarder finally standing up to the big guys" instead of just "collecting the pay cheque". However, because of his popularity, he is now seen as spoilt and "shows lack of respect". Personally, I see him leaving while being one of the most paid and showcased stars an even bigger sign of respect if he truly is leaving because he doesn't like the way the business is run (as well as injuries etc.). I couldn't see myself leaving a 1million+ year job because of my morals. I couldn't see myself turning down a match against HHH because I didn't believe it was the match that I deserved.

    Regardless, do you think the hatred Punk gets is slightly hipster-lead? I just cannot comprehend the problem some of the IWC has with Punk, so please enlighten me @deth @Dolph'sZiggler @Hipsters. I swear to God if your answers are as simple as "he's overrated" then that bothers me even more. How anyone can let other people's opinion change whether they're entertained by someone baffles me to the core.
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  2. Punk has always had his fair share of haters and his attitude and tendency to be a dick has been talked about since he started gaining speed on the indies. Him reaching the top of the mountain intensified it, but it's always been there.

    It's both something that endears him to fans, and something that drives fans away.
  3. I disagree. I saw his attitude praised massive in the IWC when he was the internet top-dog. Many considered his attitude similar to Austin's and he was considered different, in a good way, to his company in the locker room.
  4. He has? I thought he was a darling to 99.9% of the internet before his big push in 2011.
  5. Dude definitely had critics back on the indies and in TNA. Having them helped launch him, controversy breeding notoriety and notoriety breeding fame.

    Dude was apparently a locker room bully as well in ROH, picking on a young Kevin Steen according to Steen himself.
  6. If he had been an average midcarder then the coverage of him leaving would have been a one paragraph story on a few wrestling sites... much like Damien Sandow's leaving once his contract is up will be... that Punk stood up to management would make zero difference if he were a midcarder.
  7. I thought we were talking about the internet here, I doubt anyone gave a care about his TNA run or him bullying Steen in the forums (correct me if I'm wrong.)
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  8. I'm sure he had haters online even back then. He's that type of wrestler, either you love him, or you don't.

    His standing back then definitely helped him look like the small guy standing up against the big guy with his outspoken-ness. But once you cross the main event treshold you start getting even more flack from the IWC because you are much more exposed.

    I don't think any wrestler is 100% loved, but the size of the amount of haters differs. Haters just have more lounge capacity to voice their opinions.
  9. That's irrelevant. Regarding the IWC, he was a complete saint. Loved by the indie fans and the die hard WWE marks. As soon as he got the push everyone wanted him to get, the hipsters appeared; and that is the first time I've seen his attitude towards wrestling criticized.
  10. We'll see when Ziggler says "screw you guys, I'm outta here" after his contract runs out.
  11. If Punk did not have critics/haters back then he would not have taken the time to address/mock them on the straight shootin DVD he did with Samoa Joe for being "sloppy" (seabs knows which clip I am talking about). But he was much more loved before reaching ME status in the E. Damn near universally but I cannot imagine there not being haters/critics before that.

  12. I want to wear the belt to church on Sundays.
  13. You're a belt whore.
  14. Some people call me the Triple H of ROH, I'd rather he was known as the CM Punk of the WWE.
  15. Remember that one time in England when Steve Corino saved Punk from all them transvestites? (apparently happened according to the same shoot)
  16. Now I'm gonna go read CM Punk's live journal, @Toonami Tom 2 wanna join me?
  17. Nope, apparently Gabe nearly orgasmed after the second match doe. Can't say I blamed him I did too. Apparently Joe / Foley nearly happened too. I'm reading notes from PWTorch at this point. I haven't seen the shoot in ages. Does BHR have it up?
  18. Yes he would have. Everyone in the public eye has a portion of negative feedback, that's the society we live in. The thread is 100% based on the IWC, and Punk was never hated within the IWC. The 0.01% does not count, and yes, pre-WWE does not matter. He was the king of the IWC and it wasn't even close. You think Bryan is loved within the IWC right now? Nothing on what Punk was.
  19. Well former wrestlers, midcarders etc get shat on as soon as they open their mouths so I very highly doubt it.
  20. don't care about this shitty thread no offense
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