Theories If someone asked you to prove aliens were real, how would you prove this?

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  1. Whether you believe in aliens or not, if someone asked you to prove they existed, how would you prove this?
  2. Aliens are actually demons. So the real question is, how do you prove demons exist? I don't think it's possible unless you summon them yourself.
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  3. Show them the way to Mexico.:jeritroll:
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  4. Look at our fellow humans. You see demons in racism, feminism, wars on the church (Agape; True love), support of true terrorism.... I can go on and on. Dividing nations and families is what demons do best.
  5. People assume demons are these red devil-like demons with horns and pitchforks. I feel sorry for them.
  6. They sort of are. But they're able to deceive, posses and change appearance. Very powerful creatures :okay:
  7. The spiritual lays way to the physical. It is far easier to attack us in spirit and mind then in physical form. The spirit should have authority over the mind, and the mind over the body but people allow the mind to control the body, and the spirit basically has no say in the matter. That is why depression is at an all time high. The mind is over-worked.
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  8. lol How exactly would one go about proving this? Even if you believe they are real, it's kinda hard to go about proving it when one lacks full access to the rest of the universe. And I don't personally buy into the traditional concept of aliens being real, so I'd have zero incentive to go about trying to prove they actually exist anyway.
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  9. The same way I would prove god exists.
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  10. You wouldn't, right?
  11. I wouldn't. lol
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