IF TNA ends

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  1. Saw this lil' game on Twitter (started by Botchamania's Maffew).
    IF TNA indeed does end this upcoming week, how woud you book it to end?

    Have at it.
  2. Beg AJ to come back and let him win the world title one more time. Ideally in a match with Kurt.
  3. Or Joe.
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  4. I'd love to see AJ v Kurt Angle in a match, seabs. It's very considerate of you to nominate her for such an honor.
    It would be a great match and a fitting way to end TNA.

    Seriously, I was rather amused by the way WCW ended. With Booker T going out on top and Flair v Sting on the card, it was a pleasant way to bow out.
    The equivalent would possibly be Bram going out as TNA World Champion with a Triple Threat of AJ v Joe v Daniels on the card.
    How they'd reach the point of Bram winning the TNA championship is inconclusive, but he seems the best young star WWE might consider picking up in a wholesale.
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  5. I doubt they'd go with Bram being the very last TNA champion before the company's (possible) demise, I'd prefer if they kept it on Roode.
    Btw, Bram used to be in WWE, so I wouldn't mind seeing him back.
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  6. Bram was part of the original Ascension stable wasn't he? Kenneth Cameron I believe he went by.
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  7. I'll go with Dixie being put in cryostasis.
    Centuries later, she wakes up. All she has left is a hologram of Russo and some blob creature that has evolved from Taz
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  8. Not fo' nuthin' but that blob sounds off da chain!

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  9. John Cena overcomes his greatest odds yet by defeating the entire TNA roster in a Handicap or Gauntlet match.
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  10. Only if he stacks them on top of each other for the pin.
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  11. Seab hosts the final, Taryn and gail kim strip while Aries vs Roode for the championship happens in a 45 minute match. Samoa Joe jobs his x-division title out to Kenny King, Storm uses a sword to kill his cult before the poison he gave himself kicks in, and dixie carter gets bent over a table by AJ Styles in a "who will finish first" match. AJ wins.
  12. This sounds amazing, actually.

    I'd end it with Russo. What he does is irrelevant
  13. I think TNA will win with Bobby Roode winning all the titles in one night.. including the Knockouts title vs Havok.
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  14. He'd actually go against Taryn Terrell 'cause she's the KO champion right now. :happy:
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  15. Well that's a massive spoiler :blackshock:.. I watched last week and HAVOK still had it :boohoo:
  16. Bring back Tupac to confirm he is alive and put him in a TNA World Heavyweight title match against Samoa Joe, who then reveals to be Biggie Smalls. The match turns into a no holds barred match with Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley ambushing the two rappers. They become the unified World Champion, before Elvis comes. Bob Marley beats Elvis, but then Havok comes out. Havok then puts out a open challenge for her Knockouts championship and Chris Brown answers. Chris Brown knocks her out, and wins the Knockout chapionship. Tag Team championships goes to Master Chief and Samus.

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  17. I watched last week's episode, too. Yeah, Havok will lose it this week... But yeah, me reading the spoilers just shows how much I care about TNA's KO division. :smug: