if wrestlers were football teams(soccer for you americans who would they be?

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  1. not sure which part to put in so put it here anyway if you could link any wrestler to a football team who would they be

    John cena - manchester united hated by the majority but still one of the most sucessful of all time

    Jack swagger - sunderland both managers have controversial political views

    Cm punk - barcelona best in the world

    Your turn
  2. Ryback = Forest Green Rovers.
  3. Khali = Stoke, for god sake get them off my screen.
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  4. triple h liverpool living of the past
  5. Bully Ray is the entire Serie A league, really powerful wrestler with good moves too
  6. Swansea = Ziggler - always very pleasing on the eye and practically guaranteed to be the most entertaining match of the day.
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  7. Are Man United hated by the majority? They have the most fans in the world.
  8. West Ham - Big Show

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  9. They're very similar to the yankees in that people either support them or hate them, no one is meh on Man U. I think that's what he's getting at.
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  10. Liverpool have to be Hulk Hogan.
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  11. Lol agreed, but I'm curious to hear your reasoning.
  12. Big Show- New York Giants
  13. They are probably one of the most hated i think everyone likes seeing them loose well i do anyway
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  14. I now hate you.

    I don't understand the ideology that THE most supported club in the world is the most hated. I guess it has a lot of haters - as most dominant teams do - but most hated? Dayum. I thought that'd go to some Turkish team like Galatasary, lol.
  15. Leeds United = most hated team imo.
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  16. Oh hell yes.
  17. Or Liverpool ^^^
  18. Leeds United= Stone Cold
  19. Mark Henry = Tiger Woods
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  20. After today, yeah maybe. Suarez has just ruined what used to be a good name, I used to like them until the racist thing and all that.
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