If you could bring ONE thing back from the...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Attitude era, what would it be?
  2. Having a mid card that WWE actually gave a shit about
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  3. BLOOD! Lots of it.
  4. Bra & Panties matches :cornette:
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  5. AMEN!!!
  6. This this this this this.

    I'd much rather be entertained weekly by tag teams like the Hardyz, E+C, The Dudleys than see blood in a match every 2-3 months.


    They just irritate me, I hate females getting almost stripped but not getting fully nude. If I want to crack one off I do it watching Internet porn and not over wrestling.

    Edit - I know the comment was probably tongue in cheek, but just saying!
  7. A great tag team division

  8. Paul Heyman/Eric Bitchoff as GM.
  9. A good tag team division!
  10. The show being loaded with hot feuds and interesting (or at least meaningful) content.
  11. I vote for a good tag team division as well.
  12. WWF?. Kidding :). I'd like to see a level playing field so workers can find jobs and paid decently outside of WWE. I would like to see a competitive, fair balance giving men and women chances to utilize their gifts. As an example, i could never so much as cut my hair above my shoulders in most cases if I were looking to be booked. Long rant :p
  13. Midcard actually being good.
  14. more diversity in types of matches and more wepons
  15. Every part of the show meaning something, no useless fillers.
  16. A full show where all wrestlers/feuds are important.
  17. Wrestling being mainstream accepted, then we won't get Vince begging to be any more. Either that or a competitive company to push the WWE.
  18. Edge and Christian as a tag team!
  19. The NWO, baby!

    I miss that type of Villian, or Heel Character type

    Evolution was a close second to the NWO, but nothing has ever topped those guys in my opinion.
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