If You Could Change 5 Things....

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  1. If you could change 5 things about the opposite sex, what would they be?
  2. 1: more logical
    2: less emotional
    3: ready to watch any sport at any time
    4: always in "the mood"
    5: develop a hatred for shopping
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  3. Ironically the least likely to happen is the last one. :haha:
  4. Not every member of the opposite sex is the same though, I can't list anything because somewhere there is a girl who will be none of those things.
  5. :willis:

    Tis true. Good point.
  6. I love you.

    If we're going by stereotype (since that's all we can do) and personal experience then I guess:

    1) Less sensitive to silly things, like me wanting to hang out with my friends to watch the football instead of you...
    2) More into games.
    3) More unique in terms of personality.
    4) Less gossipy.
    5) More secure.

    Again, those only apply to the stereotypes AND personal experience with the girls I know.
  7. Yeah good point Britanica, but I'm basing it on my life's experience :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I would change a few things...
    1. The smell. I think all dudes stink unless they wear deodorant. Like you guys constantly sweat or something lol
    2. More understanding. Most guys aren't very understanding that women are emotional creatures because of hormones.
    3. Control. I like a men who are bread winners. Women should be mothers and care givers, not leaders. (Not to say women shouldn't work!)
  9. Yeah... Most girls/women hate video games, love gossip and aren't very secure about their appearance.

    I personally love video games and I think other woman would benefit from playing them. They can take angry out and such on a game rather then their husband/boyfriend. I also HATE gossip. I don't wanna know anything, about famous people or people I personally know, that should not be spoken about.

    Mind you, I grew up a half way tomboy. LOL I love shopping, shoes, doing my hair but I also love wearing oversize clothing, video games and sports. I think I have a good mix.
  10. I can do this too then.
    Ehm, less bitchy is #1. A group of girl friends are constantly backstabbing and gossiping about eachother, but none will confront anyone personally. This is very evident with a group of girls I know.
    That's all I got.
  11. 1. Easier to make them orgasm :mad:
    2. inability to grow hair anywhere accept the head
    3. Make em stronger
    4. Better periods (no bloody mess, cramps, and attitude problem)
    5. Make them all automatically attracted to half black men with afros who are 5'9
  12. Only 24% of women orgasm from actual intercourse. :pity:
    I believe something like 10% can't at all, or don't feel it.

    And you said only hair on the head.... What about eyebrows?
  13. ^ What I'm going to do too:

    1. Take a joke. If you can call me a bitch, slut, and a hoe jokingly, then I can call you a pussy without you being a pussy about it.
    2. Stop assuming that everything sucks when you know absolutely nothing about the thing you're raggin' on just because it's not fucking "manly" enough for you.
    3. If you're homophobic, I hate you.
    4. If you know I'm into something, have some common sense to not talk shit about it. I really don't fucking care if YOU'RE not into it. Why would you talk so much about shit that "you don't care about" anyway?
    5. Stop letting what other bitches are sayin' about me affect your opinion of me. If you want to know me, talk to me. If you have a question about me, I'll answer if it's not too personal. You're being a bitch doing so, and we already have enough women on this damned planet.

    It's still your head. :haha:
  14. 1. Less attached (As in, wanting to see you every minute of every day.)
    2. GTFO Shopping -.-

    That's all I could really think of really.
  15. This is why I love my wife!!!

    Doesn't play video games per sey, but doesn't mind that I play them constantly... And was cool with me opening my gaming store!!

    Loves hockey... As do I.. But she's a Canucks fan and I'm a flames fan!!!

    We don't have to be attached at the hip every day!!

    Literally always in the mood! All I have to do is roll over and say... "How u doin"

    When you love someone...

    I mean really LOVE a person! Not the fake ill say I love you because I don't want to die alone love. It's a powerful thing. Is she Perfect.. No, neither am I.

    But we live each other deeply. And would actually chuckle as she read this because I do thing like say...

    Hey brianica. Send me a nekkid pic!!

    Because she knows I'm full of chit and wouldn't do anything... Even if she did send me one.......

  16. Damn them :sad1:

    Eyebrows are on your head right?
  17. Aww! :emoji_slight_smile:) I want something like this when I marry somebody. <33 You go Lanny!
  18. Depends. Some say face, some say forehead.

    What about eyelashes? :vince:
  19. I’m assuming this topic means 5 things you’d change about the gender you’re attracted to, so I’m gonna do women from a lesbian perspective.

    1: Pride. I’m not saying make out with me in public, but it wouldn’t kill you to hold hands or a use a dreaded “label” every now and then.

    2: Less dependant on toys. I’ve always had a bad case of vibrator envy; makes me feel inadequate.

    3: Less prejudice against femmes. Just because a girl dresses in a way that guys might like doesn’t mean she likes guys.

    4: More sex. It makes me feel like a guy to complain about this, but there it is. Lesbian’s are generally more about quality than quantity, but sometimes it would be nice to have both.

    5: Simplicity. Women are complicated; lesbians are worse. Imagine dating a woman with all the regular anxieties and insecurities coupled with social disapproval, an estranged family, lack of marriage and natural childbirth options, and a dresser drawer filled with sex toys and anti-depressants, and what you have is a woman who can be a trifle difficult to please at times.
  20. What's the point, you'll all get fake ones eventually