If you could change something in a promotion

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  1. If you had the ability to change something about a independent promotion, what would it be? It could be roster, production, setting related or anything else.

    I personally would bring back some parts of the old Evolve concept, which borrowed from MMA and boxing. Cards were set up like mma cards with smaller matches at the start, leading up to a big clash at the end (yes this is also how wrestling shows are booked, but it was the entire build to the cards and the concept which made the feel) combined with a semi shoot feel to the matches. Feuds were born out of competition and such. Also bring back the leaderboards to sell the sport feel. Leaderboards should be a great way to determine contenders for belts in my opinion. If done right Evolve could be a must see indy then with a unique concept and feel, instead of one among the rest.

    What would you change in an indy?
  2. I would sort out DGUSA dvd problem.
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  3. This^^


    I would have PWG stream BOLA somehow, if possible.