If you have more rep than post likes you are a scrub

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. if you have more likes than rep you are a baller
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  2. Dope.

    What about if you have the most likes and rep?
  3. I'm a scrub!

  4. err one, give dolph rep
  5. Holy trinity?
  6. Erroneous to this discussion.

    You are just jelly of my like-to-post ratio
  7. Your rep is kinda ruining the trinity bro. Step up your game, be funnier.
  8. My rep was fucked up by noobs like you neg repping me. I have more neg rep than anyone probably
  9. Two of my +10's are on the first page lol
  10. Don't try to paint yourself in a better light.

    I have 17 neg reps over the past 6 months. How can that even be??? Fucking haters I swear
  11. Lmao I actually have no idea. I presume most are Randy, cba to check.
  12. I ain't even mad.
  13. Does anyone have more likes than reps besides me seabs and crayo? you guys are bums dude
  14. Waco does. We're in good company thus far.
  15. #RepWhore
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  16. KLockard does too.
  17. Likes are what show true quality. Rep is usually just how good of an ass licker you are.
  18. Remember when you had the most rep on the site?
  19. Or if you were friends with Mincent or not.