If you were a wrestler who would you be and why?

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  1. I mean, if you were a wrestler, who is your personality closest to? and don't be like "DOLP ZIGGLR CUZ OMG CUZ I SHOW..OFF" I mean realistically. Don't lie to yourself. Or compare someone else on the forum to a wrestler.

    P.S I don't know if this is the right section to put in.
  2. Fandango, yolo.

    Hmm idk. Brock Lesnar probably. Slayer fan, pretty quiet/laid back, comes off as semi - retarded, etc.
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  4. Probably someone like Alex Shelley. Video Game nerd, sarcastic sense of humor, fan of punk rock.
  5. I would be CM Punk cuz am teh best in the wrld!

    But in all seriousness I would have to say One man band Heath Slater. I'd be the GOAT jobber
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  6. Idk why I didn't do mine..

    Joseph Park I'm more talented in making people laugh than wrestling even when I try really hard (being the metaphor for posting)

    Edit: and I''m fat.
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  7. I think I would be like Sami Zayn, pretty energetic, always in a good mood, likes to have fun and is an under dog I guess. (My size)
  8. Ambrose,Shelley,or, Styles. All seem like cool people irl and they have good tastes in music.
  9. I would be naked Mideon.
  10. AJ Lee, a geek like I am
  11. Are you also hot, crazy and look like a child? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    lol jk
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  12. lol. someone mess with me on my bad days, yeah I get crazy [​IMG]
  13. Lol. Exactly like AJ! Haha.
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  14. I guess Heath Slater. Big fan of rock music(both of us even love Guns N' Roses), pretty chill, treat everything with sarcasm, wouldn't mind being a jobber, both of us got long hair, and we're short.
  15. As a man... Probably Kofi Kingston. Great wrestler stuck with a horrible gimmick and limited charisma on the mic. Also he is laid back, gamer and a nerd so... yeah. Also, we are both black.
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    waitwhat Lesnar's a Slayer fan?

    Found my pick.
  17. I'm more of a Michelle McCool. We both love kids and has a bitchy side to protect the niceness in me from people who want to abuse it.
  18. Muhammad Hassan. I'm a Muslim, can speak different languages, I believe the things he had said where true and would play that gimmick off really well. I'm not Arabic, but could easily portray that.
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