Storyline If you're on the warfare Roster your a warfare wanker!

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  1. *gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring to address the crowd*

    (Gav the chav) haha now then you fucking Cheeky ****s its me fucking gav the chav now yesterday we all had a bit of a laugh and sing-song but today its time for shit to get serious gav is strictly here for business I'm out here to issue a challenge

    *gav holds up his IWT contract*

    Now right it says gav the chav is owed 1 rematch for the IWT title signed by our GM Michael now I've sat and waited for my turn to have my shot at the champion and right I'm sick of waiting so I'm calling out the champion for the first time ever to face me at the next IWT vice show for the IWT title now I'm gunna stick around and see if Michael shows up and accepts my challenge but my instinct tells me he won't

    so if plan A falls through like i suspect it will I'm issuing a separate challenge and this challenge goes out to everyone on IWT warfare roster now i wanna fight and if it isn't gunna be Michael then i don't give a single fuck which one of you steps in the ring coz your all a bunch of fucking cheeky ****s so bring your arse out here you bunch of wankers and lets put on an epic show to show we are the superior roster over those bellends from battleground
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  2. thanks for the shout-out man
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  3. Red strobe lights begin to flash around the arena, while the extra lights begin to dim down. At 0:43 seconds of the song, Michael steps out flanked by Supreme. He is wearing a pair of sunglasses, a floral shirt, cargo shorts and loafers. His hair is slicked back, and his face is freshly shaved. He has the IWT World Championship on his shoulder. He looks at it, before he struts down to the ring. He walks around to the announce table desk, and grabs the microphone from the announcer and he takes the steps up to the ring. He cleans his shoes on the apron, and tells Ryan Davis, Schizo and Braedon Cross to stay outside. He enters the ring and circles Gav.

    Michael: Gav the Chav? Where have you been? The last time I saw you, you were losing to Danny Jacobs? You haven't won a match in 6 months and you lost the title over a fucking year ago. Do you honestly believe you still deserve a shot at my IWT World Championship. You remind me of the common cold. You're the most average, nonsensical piece of shit, but through out all the remedies - you made it out alive. You're a surviver, and I like that in a wrestler. However, I don't like it when guys think their entitled to something they don't deserve. I've said it to Frank, and I'll say the same to you - get in line. Just because you won the title in an impromptu title match after a war, you think you're some hot shit? Your glory days are gone, and just like Senhor, Dat Kid, Christian and Aids Johnson; you're going to die out. You take a loss too many, can't figure out why, and your egos send you packing. It still boggles my mind how Britain's lowest class scum got a contract in the IWT. I took this title from the old geezer, so that I can keep it away from scum. I took this title, so that I can keep it away

    Michael hangs onto the title loosely, and then looks back at Gav.

    Michael: I was really tempted to come out here, accept your challenge and fucking end your career; similarly to how I ended Aids'. But my senses came to me, and showed me that you don't deserve a shot at this title. You don't deserve a shot at any title. You don't even deserve to be in the IWT. The only thing you do deserve is a fucking beating.

    Michael clocks Gav with the title, and signals for Supreme to enter the ring and continue the attack. Ryan Davis enters the ring and begins to choke Gav while Braedon Cross kicks Gav in the face. Schizo is already setting up a stunt. He brings in two chairs and a piece of ply wood. While Ryan Davis chokes Gav out, he is continually kicked by Braedon Cross. He is split open and bleeding. Schizo and Ryan Davis hold Gav up, as Braedon runs off the ropes and hits a Bomaye knee. Gav's head hits the mat with a sick thud. Ryan Davis spits on Gav and kicks his lifeless body around. Michael then commands them to put him on the ply wood. Davis and Cross lay him down on the ply wood, as Schizo steps onto the apron. He jumps up to the top rope and bounces off. He hits a splash onto Gav. They both go crashing through the wood. Schizo clutches his abdomen in pain, as Michael walks over to Gav and squats down. He spits in his face and yells, "Don't you ever challenge me again!" Michael sits up and orders Ryan and Schizo to hold him up, as Michael runs off the ropes and connects with a Head of State Shining Wizard. Michael surveys the damage, and all of them raise their hands.

    They walk out, as doctors rush the ring to check on Gav.
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