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  2. It's not going to be a good match.
  3. But Rock/Cena part 2 wouldn't draw as much as most other potential Rock feuds. Especially given their last match was diabolical.
  4. Do the casuals care about match quality though?
  5. There was a discussion on here the other day about this. What defines a casual?

    Even if they don't care about match quality (and the marky marks won't), how can they expect to draw more than the original? Rarely does any rematch draw more than the original. I know it does happen, but it's so rare, and that applies to movies and most other revamps.
  6. A casual wrestling fan to me is simply, it's someone who follows the product no matter what (seems odd but if you're an intelligent follower you'd switch given certain circumstances, you can KnoW it's not real and even be a part of an internet forum but you'll always stick with the WWE, the casual / smark persona is more of an openess to change than knowing certain terms, it just happens the two worlds tend to over lap. We're both casuals as we will both follow the E regardless of storyline or quality, are you gonna miss Mania because Rock / Cena blew chunks last time? I know I'm not.

    Think about it, we'll all watch, the core fan base will watch but then you have people who see The Rock holding the WWE title, the nostalgia trip may well draw people back. I'm very likely wrong but I can see potential for this to draw better than most matches outside of Brock / Rock.
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  7. END THE BRACKET SEABS :annoyed:

    I can not see it drawing better, unless Undertaker/Punk draws well and HHH/Bork which has a high chance of drawing well.
  8. Well, I don't think it'd make much sense if Rock/Cena 2 drew more than the first one.
  9. So the WWE title being on the line, plus the potential of seeing Cena beat the man who bettered him last time doesn't have potential to draw?
  10. Not saying it won't draw. I just think that promoting it as a dream match like they did the first time will draw more than the rematch. It'll draw well, I'm sure.
  11. @ Crayo Well, Austin and Rock at Wrestlemania 17 certainly drew better than their Wrestlemania 15 original match (still has the record for most Wrestlemania buys, domestically speaking.) Different situation, but still. I'd like to know these other Rock feuds that could potentially draw better or just as good as a rematch with Cena.
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  12. All I have is Brock in all honesty I doubt even Taker would outdraw it. An odd choice would be a full on Attitude throwback to HHH, doubt it would outdraw Cena but the potential is there for good figures.
  13. Brock certainly would, but would be a weird match with the WWE Title in the middle of it. We also know now that Rock isn't staying after Wrestlemania, so who does he drop the title to and when? He isn't dropping the belt to someone like Cena on a B-PPV or to Punk, who's be already beaten twice. Hope no one even suggests Rock dropping it to someone like Ziggler or Bryan, let's be realistic here.

    Rock/Brock can always happen go later. Some don't see the big picture - Cena/Rock rematch is best to go with right away and these other potential matches can always happen later. The way everything falls into place this year, it makes sense for Cena to win. I don't even mind another Cena title reign to be honest.
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  14. I suppose if Brock / Rock was to happen at this WM, Rock wouldn't have won the strap which lead into Cena getting his redemption via Punk instead, although that raises the question of why did Cena job the previous year. I guess this is the one occurrence WWE booked long term.

    Also @Crayo look a few posts above this, the tag didn't work.