I'll do you proud.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Virgin gaming, Fifa time. Win real money, played 2, won 2. Come at me hoes.

    If I win the 100k prize I'll give you all one whole pound.
  2. You're not gonna win. It's like the worlds best FIFA players. Unless you post some vids of your skills on FIFA we don't know that you're actually good. Zach, Xanth etc. could just be shit.
  3. Go take your negativity and shove it up Sunderland's losing ass.

    Won both my games 4-1, in round 3. I'll win $10 I think if I win now.
  4. I did this stuff with madden last year. It's actually really easy to win money and don't they let you enter for free? It's a cool way to win some quick cash.
  5. I don't want cash, get me a guitar of you win :otunga:
  6. Won round 3 2-0. Into round 4 I go.
  7. Such an appropriate name for a tournament you're doing well in :pity1:
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  8. :pity1: I like that smilley now.
  9. good luck :yay:
  10. INB4 he spends it all on something silly like eggs.
  11. Kick some fifa ass Crayo! :crayo:
  12. I've beaten your bitch ass 3 times :haha:
  13. 3 of the most fluky wins ever. Wonder what my actual record against you is, go check for me <3.

    Btw won round 4.

    Soon as I get to like $20 I'll start buying into more advanced rounds and competing for like $50+. Wonder how much I'll get before losing it all because I get cocky and use India.
  14. I checked last time we played I think, something like 26wins to you and 3 to me :lol1:

    It was fluky, you just couldn't handle this beast of a man:

  15. Carroll is the only man to have negative pecs...
  16. Don't slag my boy :tough:
  17. Isn't KSI in the semis? How do you win the trip to Vegas because if you just have to win the final then tons of people would get it. I'm probably being thick but how does it work?
  18. If you're that good they have websites on the web where people exchange bets and use paypal. Whoop some butt crayo!