I'm a wrestler. (omg no way!)

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    Yes, I am indeed a huge superstar. You may have heard of me.. Shotgun Stevens is the name.

    You haven't heard of me..?

    fuck, okay.. I was trained by Lance Storm. I've been wrestling for a year and two months now, and have worked with the likes of Gangrel, Davey Richards, Jeff Jarrett and Jimmy Hart.. thus far.

    I'm a heel so a lot of what I say may kind of be just me trying to practicing being in character... sorry...
    But generally I'm not so bad. Except I'm selfish, sarcastic, egotistical, a little bit arrogant and I swear a lot..
    but so, not bad.

    I am actually genuinely interested in being part of the forum, I've been on wrestling forums before I got into the buisness and it's basically how I spent all of my time when I was in highschool.. That being said, I am gonna plug my shit.... Only because it'll help you get to know me...
    I do a youtube show, called FeudTube (hence the username) -- I do all of my stuff in character, because kayfabe is still a thing, right? .. anyways you can check that out if you want..
    Feud Tube

    Seriously though, I won't be in character here so while I'm probably not the first wrestler who's ever signed up to a forum, feel free to ask any questions or whatever about the world of professional wrestling.
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  2. Hey-yo!

    Welcome to the forums, Shotgun. Hope you stick around.
  3. You train with Tom Irwin of the Geezers? He was in Canada with Storm about two years ago if I got it all down right.

    Also, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.

    Also since you're a wrestler, what's your gimmick?
  4. Nice intro :sandow:
    I'll check out your YouTube channel in a bit.
    Welcome to WWEF :woods:
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Welcome! Welcome!
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys, it's very appreciated.

    Not familiar with Tom Irwin, is that his work or shoot name? I started training with storm in September of 2014. Storm is actually the one who gave me the name shotgun, (putting my self over in 3...2...) because I bumped better than anyone else in the class and it made a good, loud sound. He could never remember my actual name for the first few weeks, despite me being the first guy to arrive, so he'd just point at me and make the "chhk chhck" sound of a shotgun. (don't know if i spelt chk chk right...)

    Anyway, my gimmick isn't really one specific thing. I'm basically a dumb jock type of character with delusions of superstardom.. I'm part of a tag team called the Adult Social Society (A.S.S) where we basically just fuck around and cause trouble. A lot of the time by flirting with the girls in the audience and upsetting, or egging on their boyfriends.. It's a good time. Sometimes I get quite handsy...

  8. Tom is the bald one in this tag team. He's a brit who went and trained with Storm in 2013-2014. They are a pretty darn funny tag team who work under the principle of "sell more shirts than taking bumps"
  9. wanna get high?
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    Edit: Fourteen thousand views?! mother fuckers!
    I've got more subscribers so they can suck it.. but still, I'm envious, how did they get such a response to one video?

    He actually looks kinda like me.. just without the beard.
    Loved the intro, glad they're not afraid of a little heat by literally calling everybody else shit :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    But no I can't say I've met him but he does actually look familiar.. could just be from the pictures of past classes Storm has on his site and on his wall but I don't know.
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