I'm Afraid I've Got Some Awful News

Discussion in 'ICW' started by Star Lord, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. (Watch the entrance)

    Awful News Adam hits his hammer on the thing

    Ladies and gentlemen can I have some DECORUM PLEASE!

    Crowd boos, he hits the hammer more

    We are days away from the ICW Debut show, filled with shocks and surprises to fill your small brains. But im afraid I've got some Awful news.

    You see, this Sunday no shocks, no surprises and no enjoyment as soon as I walk into that ring and take away that wannabe Bad News Brandon's chance at his only tiny bit of success in this failure of a company. Dolph'sZiggler will not be here this Sunday because he made a wise choice and avoided the parade of animals who fill this disgusting arena in this revolting city. This Sunday will be as much fun as a day at work!

    Crowd boos as Awful News Adam hits the hammer and holds his arms up

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  2. Was gonna point out that Bad News Gimmick is kind of in use, but I guess you and Brandon could have a match in the podium, only thing legal is the hammer. #Russo
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