I'm back... BROTHER

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  1. *Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome back, Dexx Duggan!*
    JR: Oh boy... this is gonna be "good"
    King: Not this guy...
    *Long pause*
    King: Well?

    JR: What the-
    *Duggan comes out dressed as hulk hogan, does the guitar pose on the stage, poses like hogan, audience is confused*
    King: What in the world? Wha-
    *Duggan gets in ring, grabs mic*
    Dexx*In Hulk's voice*: Whats going on brothers? *audience cheers* Tonight your in for a load of action tonight, JACK DUDE! But first brother I just wanna go on about how I slammed Andre the Giant at wrestlemania 3, in fact, roll the clip, BROTHER JACK DUDE!
    JR: Does he think hes Hulk Hogan?

    Dexx: Now that the old days brother! When I slammed him ALL THE HULKAMANIACS were running wild and we knew that show down was going to be talked about for centuries to come! Now the reason I ,HULK HOGAN, am here tonight is i'm here to bring light like back to hulkamania like I did at Mania 3!
    JR: Yeah! Duggan thinks he's hogan!
    Hogan? (duggan): I am issuing a challenge to anyone back there to a match, to show I still have it, so who is back there brother? Who's taking their vitamins? Who's saying their prayers? Who knows what he's gonna do when hulkamania comes after you BROTHER JACK BROTHER DUDE BROTHER!???!!
    King: Haha! what the hell is going on around here?
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