Kayfabe I'm Back! WOOHOO!

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  1. An interviewer, who's female, with blonde hair and who may or may be a parody of some chick who's on a Lunatic Fringe's D in RL is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone in hand... Because I get my interviews in the ring. I am that big of a deal.
    Interviewer (Yenee Roung): Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time. Alice Xander!
    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here we go!

    Alice Xander runs out onto the stage, making his amazing return to Precision to a pretty darn good pop as pink and white confetti and balloons rain from the rafters and he runs around on the stage like a (And I quote) lost Snagglepuss before sprinting down the ramp while slapping some hands before sliding into the ring like that ref at a Showcase of Immortals event in 2002 in the Naustin vs Aash match. After having to grab the ropes to stop himself from sliding out of the other side of the ring and into the announce table, he gets to his feet and jumps up and down for a few seconds before hugging a confused Yenee Roung. The confetti and balloons stop falling and the interview starts, time to be professional.

    Yenee Roung: Uh, that was quite the entrance...
    Alice Xander: You damn right it was! WOOHOO! I'm back, baybay! YEAH!
    Yenee: But you've only been gone one week.
    Alice: Shh! Little woman, can you hear 'em?
    Yenee: Hear what?
    Alice: The fans, chanting my name.
    Yenee: Uh, no.
    Alice: Well I can!... But that may be the concussion.
    Yenee: Oh thank god! Great segway, Alice how're you feeling? We haven't seen or heard from you since Buster Gates' return at the contact signing.
    Alice gets serious now, knowing full well what he's up against at Money in the Bank.
    Alice: Well, I'm still concussed but I think the week off helped because I feel fine and ready. But don't worry about me... I mean, our new owners are only putting a seriously injured performer in a Triple Threat Ladder match against two of the most dangerous competitors in the business... Yeah! I'm fine!
    Alice seems to be panicking a little here, pacing back and forth and breathing heavily, although that could be all the running and jumping that he just did. Apparently panic makes him angry...
    Alice: Ya' know what? Buster, welcome back! You attention seeking, blue waffle licking son of a bitch! Don't worry od buddy, I've only been putting my life on the damn line every week since you left to try and give this place a champion that it deserves while you've been sitting on your couch in your mammy's mansion watching nugget porn while giving yourself a good tug. Yeah, welcome back! And guess what? I'll be throwing you a welcome back party... Right off a ladder... Because you're not the WWEF Undisputed Champion, you're a freaking baby-sitter because come the end of Money in the Bank!... You'll be looking up, hopefully while lying on a stretcher, at me, on a Ladder, with the greatest prize in pro wrestling in my hands because I'll be firing you from your baby-sitting duties and relieving you of that belt! And as for the 3rd wheel in this situation... Eh, you don't matter.
    Yenee is just standing there awkwardly, not knowing what to add. Luckily, the lights go black and an image appears on the titantron that simply says, "The King of the World is coming, Precision... Get Ready!" As the show cuts to a commercial break.


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