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  1. Chris Kaizer wakes up from his long nap. He grabs a mic and rolls into the ring

    Well, you can see, I am finally awake from my nap at ringside. The only match watchable here tonight was mine, even though I did not win, I put on the best damn show. Sorry, Alias. But during my nap, I realized has a lot of irreleveant matches. Unknown vs Bruce Knight...Unknown didn't even show up! Trip buried Brian Mandela and my tag partner Gav. Alias Antonio and Joey Bryant put on the 2nd best match here tonight. Oh, and Joey, thanks for the praise. That's the only thing I heard during that match was my name, that's why it's the second best. And huh...Aids' new chick won or something I don't know. and D'z and Mr.4-8 put on the best goddamn match tonight. Mainly because I was in it. It would of been MOTY if I won it, no doubt. Oh...what else did I sleep through? Uh....that's about it right? Yeah, I think...oh, and The Dazzler got the shit beat out of him by The Order...congrats, I guess.

    Now, we have no more stops until IWTmania2. We are on the home slate to the show with a irrelevant main event with Bruce Knight! Probably bible long match with Sir Lee and D'z. A tag match I will be commentating, Dazzling Chavs vs The Order. And much much more. The selling point for IWTmania2. I am going to be there! Whoop whoop! Yeah, probably not for a title because reasons. I could face for the WHC but Dat Kid knows we would just end up tieing. I could face for the X-deadvision title. Naw, I don't want to bury my self. So I thought about it...why I don't I just take Mania off. Take a bed down to ringside and sleep through it? That sounds wonderful, and guess what, I would still be more over than The Artist!

    Now that I think about it, anyone is more over than that guy. So unless Jono has me in a title match, you guys should just tune into the instead of paying for an irrelevant IWTMania

    Chris Kaizer drops the mic and starts to leave the ring as....

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  4. *Frie comes out to a huge pop, wearing his leather jacket, blue jeans, and sunglasses. He walks into the ring and leans against the ropes near the announce table. He requests a mic.*

    Chris Kaizer! I came back to IWT because I wanted change. But, all I got was a return to your petty bullshit. Every single week, you hog the spotlight from the IWT competitors, the matches, and you steal the entertainment from the fans. Those little naps you take are the reason that every single IWT fan has a change of thought during the great matches that this federation has to offer. You may like to be called it, but you're nothing but a scumbag.

    *As Chris sits at the table glaring at Frie, the crowd gives off a loud cheer.*

    You've ruined the company that was supposed to change the industry forever. And you don't deserve a goddamn title shot. Chris, you're looking at me with a third eye......... What's the matter? A little upset that you lost your #1 contender's match? Huh? Are you crying while your head is in your arms during your naps?

    *The fans have a good laugh.*

    Well, man up. Because if you don't, I'll do it for you. Your arrogant ways are over with, and I'm going to put you to an end. What do you say? You up for a fight? Are you up for Chris Kaizer vs Frie at IWTMania?!

    *Cheers spread throughout the arena.*

    Whether you choose to accept or not is entirely up to you. You can either take your pride back to your little nap-zone you have over there, or you can take your loud-mouth, good for nothing ass and give me the fight of my life at IWTMania.

    *Frie holds his arms out, waiting for Kaizer's answer.*
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  5. Chris Kaizer grabs a mic

    You honestly think I would give a Wrestlemania match to someone who hasn't even competed in 2 months? But you know what Frie, stupid ass name by the way, I am a scumbag. I'll admit that. But...what the hell happened to you? One second you were tagging with Joey Bryant, the became more irrelevant than the X-Division title. Did Joey see that he was too good to tag with you? But why do you deserve a IWTmania match? Huh? What have you done that makes you think you deserve one? Especially against me?

    My arrogant ways aren't over with at all. Win or lose, I am still the cocky sum of a bitch I was before hand. It's not like you are going to change that. You really want this match, don't ya? You really want a match with me?'re on. Not because I want a match with you, it's because I want to kick your ass. You are going to get the fight of your life at Mania. This isn't going to be a tag team match, this is going to be a one on one match. No Joey Bryant to help your ass now, just you. You will be on your own when you go up against me. I have never relied on anyone else to win me matches. If I am correct, this will be your first singles match. And what a honor it must be to face me in your first singles match.

    Frie, at IWTMania, you will see why I call my self the REAL future of IWT. You will see why I do deserve title shots. Be ready, Frie. Because I know I am damn sure am.

    Kaizer drops the mic and starts to walk up the ramp to the back.
  6. Kaizer, you've dug yourself a hole you can't get out of. At IWTMania, I will shut your mouth once and for all.

    Oh, and by the way, Joey Bryant wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for me.
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  11. #WrestlemaniaUppermidcard
  12. Not even.
  13. #WrestlemaniaPre-Show?
  14. Really, bruh?
  15. #WrestlemaniaPrePrePreShow
  16. Alright, come on. :pity:
  17. Even I have more confidence in my match, and I'm a jobber!
  18. I've already pre'd once when I found out this match was taking place.

    Do work team.