im interested in watching TNA

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  1. could anyone give me the days the show is on? and if someone knows where to watch it online, is there a site kinda like cookieblog for it?
  2. It's on Thursdays, I don't know where you're from so I can't give you a time (on my phone anyway). I'm sure TNA is regularly uploaded on YouTube, if it's not then Dailymotion certainly has it.
  3. thanks crayo, im in bolivia btw
  4. Don't know when it's in Bolivia, but try finding it on Youtube on Fridays, there's full show to watch in 90% of cases, just search "IMPACT Wrestling full show" and give an american date to it, e.x. 1/3/13 for the next show this week. If there's no on YT, then search on Dailymotion.

    Or you can download it from
  5. thanks, im actually watching the 12/20/12 show on yt right now
  6. Hopefully you enjoy it. :aries:
  7. HHH -- Hope you're enjoying it. It's always great to have another TNA fan on the forum. Not sure about the time difference in Bolivia, but hopefully you'll be able to get into the show, build up more interest in it, and start discussing it with us here.
  8. just by watchign 2 episodes i can tell you that the knock out division is much better than the diva´s in wwe
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  9. No doubt, no doubt.

    If you have the time just post on which wrassler's you're fan of.
  10. please tell me that was aj styles joining aces and 8´s?
    so far i like RVD but ive seen him on wwe before and i think thats why, i like bully ray too
  11. Oh definitely. The Knockouts division is a massive improvement over the WWE's Divas' division. All in all, I much prefer the TNA product to WWE's current product, really.
  12. well, lets hope it grows on me, kinda have to know the feuds and the storylines and all that that makes it more interesting to watch