Storyline I'm leaving to seek God

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  1. *Spawn is stood in the ring*

    Spawn: I won't waste much time here tonight. I will say what needs to be said and I am going to move on with my next venture in life. Yes, some of you still do not believe that I have changed, but I tell you one last time. Last time... Huh. It's funny. Never did I, this big evil demon. Never did I think I would be coming out to you all and apologizing one more time...

    IWT, I am leaving to seek him. His words, his way of life... This is my future. I cannot stand in this pool of sinners anymore. The darkness is way too strong here, I am not ready yet. I have much to learn before I can fix this abomination. IWT I am sorry. For one more final time I scream to you for forgiveness. My intentions, my dreams... They were sick! They were vile! I was nothing more than an evil soul. I wished you all to suffer in the flames of Hell and now I see that no one deserves that fate. You all deserve to rest in Heaven. You all deserve peace. I had no right to punish you... I blamed you for the sins of your race. I see now that this is wrong.

    It is all wrong. It is wrong for me to announce you as sinners when I singly handily ended Dat Kid's career... I... I cant express the sorrow that fills my soul to think back on my actions. There is no word in existence that could possibly fix the terror I caused. No action can ever take back what I did, and this is what haunts me. You do not realize what you have until it is gone. I know now that I loved being in this ring. I loved putting my body on the line. But unfortunately I also enjoyed putting other people on the line too.

    Dat Kid. This is no promo. This is no shoot. This is my guilt. I am so fucking sorry for what I did. You were ten times the man that I could ever be. You passion and drive for this business will forever eclipse me. I am a fucking ant compared to you and I admit this as a man who robbed you of your greatness. I stole your well deserved moment and it fucking eats at me. I wish I could make it up but I know that there is nothing I can do to make up for what I took from you. I tell you now not as a changed man, not as Spawn but as a man who regrets his entire life. I was wrong. You deserved better. I stole your glory and I wish I could do anything, ANYTHING to put a smile on your face but I know I do not deserve this...

    Aids Johnson... We had one hell of a battle at IWTMania. I walked out with pure intent to end your career too but you prevailed. You were the IWT champion and should be the fucking champion. You beat me, so you need to grab Michael and you need to fucking beat him with the same drive you used to beat me because God damned, and I beg for forgiveness father but GOD DAMN is that belt yours. The Aids Johnson that I bled like a steak needs too look in the mirror and find the man that I fought to the bone to end. Aids Johnson! That belt is yours and don't you ever think that Michael, or Alias Antonio deserves it because you are the champion that made IWT the success it is. You made this place the greatness that I reveled in. You were my biggest obstacle and I consider it a fucking honor to have stepped in a ring and to lose to you. I see now that I shouldn't be mad in my loss. I respect you Aids Johnson. You earned my respect and my love. You are the IWT Champion. You will always be Mr IWT and you will forever represent the spirit of IWT.

    Alias Antonio. I fought hard against you too, and to my surprise you entered the fight with a fire I had not seen in years. This is your time. You are the unstoppable force in IWT. You are a legend who has been reduced to nothing more than another wrestler. Show them why you were great. Show them why you were a four time champion. Show them how the best does it. Show them how a IWT legend does it. Because without you these new guys in IWT will never realize the level of competition that came before them. Without someone like you, someone fearless who can bring the fight anytime... Show them what it means to deserve greatness.

    And last and definitely not least, Nick. Nick I lied to your face and to everyone here. I tried my hardest to beat you and you came out on top with ease. Ever since our last match I feel that I left you in the dirt. Don't you fucking dare sit there complacent. You need to fucking scream and shout and fight! Fight like you fought me! Fight because you are better than half of these people. Fight because it is your time Nick. You are too patient, you are too busy pleasing all these people. It is time that you got the glory and god dammit I know you can do it. I was strong. I was mean and I was brutal but it didn't phase you. You were on of the few who didn't tremble. You didn't get quiet! You got loud! So why are you so quiet now?! I want you to go for the gold Nick. You are the uncrowned champion and these people all know it. You are too modest, too kind. You have no ego and that is your weakness god dammit. You should be a multi champion by now but you are happy sitting with all these new guys with nothing to show. Nick you were my biggest challenge and no one gave me better relief than when I finally managed to beat the strongest man I ever met, Nick.

    I leave you all now with a final message. I promise not too make this too long, but Jack Forte. You are the future of IWT. IWTMania IV should of been Aids vs Forte because I will be damned if you are not the best we have ever seen. Jack Forte it was no lie when I told you that you were the biggest champion this company would ever see. It doesn't matter what belt is around your waist, you make it worth a million bucks. I am so glad you accepted my match, even in loss I am gracious in defeat because I got the chance to fell single handily why you are the best. Don't stop training Jack. Don't ever get lazy because you will bring this place to greatness. Only you can prevent evil bastards like me from destroying this beautiful haven. For too long did I think this was a Hell, I now realize that this can be no Hell on Earth when a man like you is leading the front. Jack Forte. I leave this place with the knowing that you will lead it to glory. You are the future and soon you will be IWT champion. I bet my soul on it. I know it. I see it. Don't you dare ever think you are not worth it because you are better than anyone before you. Use your time as champion wisely. Learn what it means to be a champion. Only then will you take the belt of a man like Aids. Only then will this place be safe. Safe in the hands of the man I lost it all too. Safe in the hands of the man who gave me me life. Showed me the light. I wish I could of been half the man you are Jack.

    I thank all of you. Without you I would not of found my peace. Without you I would not be a better man.

    *Spawn drops the mic and slides his mask off, covering his face with his big gloves as he leaves the arena for the last time. Leaving hi mask and mic in the ring*

    @Aids Johnson @Dat Kid @Nickelodeon @Shadow

    Thanks for all the good times. I hope someone enjoys this place like I did. a sincere thank you to not only people I mentioned put to the people who cared like I did. People like Tsar, DK and everyone on creative. I hope IWT lives long and gets even bigger. You all deserve it after the work we put into this.
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  2. thank you to anyone that bothered to give me their time. I really did enjoy this place. Wish the best.
  3. forgot the good brother @THG? Keep it bready round here nigga
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  4. wait so is Will Savat also gone?
  5. he is stuck on a beach somewhere. Probably died of starvation.
  6. Had a blast man, just remember - you'll come back. We always come back :aids: Take some time off and come back when you find something new or different. I hate Aids and the gimmick being me for a long while, and Did Melky Seaman the fucking pornstar and it was hilarious and entertaining as hell.

    You'll figure it out, door's always open.
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  7. The lights aimed toward tbe ring get brighter until they explode. The ring is barely visible until a flicker of light grows brighter. Spawn's mask has caught fire in the middle of the ring.
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