Im leaving

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Jul 3, 2012.

  1. In an hour to go do a college test for 2 hours then a 2 hour car ride, then a 1 hour plane ride then a 40 min drive -_______-

    so im leaving soon
  2. K, Peace.
  3. Not sure if :troll: or serious?
  4. serious
  5. Why do you need to take a plane then? :haha:
  6. to go 500 miles whatchu mean bro

    im going 83 miles to the airport l0l
  7. Imma miss you! :emoji_slight_frown: will be excited for your return! :emoji_grin: O.O
  8. :shock: Where you going to college at?? Lol
  9. community college 2 years then UNCW or ECU
  10. Never heard of either of those. Why go to a CC that's 500 miles away though? :haha:
  11. To live somewhere else and be his own men perhaps? When I was looking at universities I chose to move about 400 miles even though I had two decently big universities one hour from my hometown. Just to live by myself and not as dependent on my parents and to try new things.
  12. no im going on vacation/work with my cousins until school starts in august
  13. Ohhh.... Gonna miss you bro.. Who else will be as cool as you? :no:
  14. East Carolina University -PARTY SCHOOL/ can get Master in Comp sci, and University of North Carolina at Wilmington- live down the street



  15. I love you mikedot
  16. I'll miss you mikedawt.
    See you soon <3
  17. <3

    packing up my laptop bye babes
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