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    A word from the bible of my mouth...

    "It's been four long months since I stepped into this ring with a purpose. That's over 120 days, that's over 2880 minutes, 172800 minutes that I've spent reflecting on what decisions I made that brought me here. Did everything go down as planned? To an extent it did, but success can only last so long you when have what we had, that was obvious from the beginning. What we had was three or four guys who were willing to do anything to get their spot here at the expense of any other man whether they called him 'brother' or 'cousin' or 'pal' or whatever. Oh, and I say three or four because let's face it - there was a few others who just jumped the bandwagon because we were the 'it thing' and once that dawned me The Cure was already doomed. The cancer which I so whole heartedly despised infected my group and rendered us as just another fixture. I'm not just sure another fixture and if we couldn't survive together I decided to put the lot out on your backs like the little sick piggys that they were and still are. From that moment on, the legacy of The Cure came to an outstanding halt.
    Aids, you can stand here and can call me your friend or you can tell the truth and say that we both exploited each other for our benefit and that is a fact. The only difference is that you stopped benefiting me while I continued to benefit you. My dream of us as equals fighting to ring in a new world order died shortly after Jwab started selling 'The Cure' t shirts and headbands from his van ... The Cure deserved to die, but to die not by some "Crusade" made out of the title division rejects or some corporate asshole who seemed like he never understood a thing around him, I wouldn't give them the god damn satisfaction. I had to make The Cure fall down before my very eyes, I had to watch the people that I brought up to my standards and my way of living struggle when Uncle Georgie just didn't show up on game day. I had to let it happen because if there was only one thing that killed The Cure it was always going to be my ego above any other ego! None of you who were in The Cure can say that you weren't thinking the same damn thing that I was all along, but you just didn't have the manhood to do it like I did. And let me tell you, as beautiful as it was to create The Cure, watching its demise from a far while my so-called 'compadres' drowned in the lack of my guidance was even better haha ... I don't regret it for a minute and I hope every single one of you know that!
    And to wind this down because quite frankly I am sick and tired of giving you guys the attention. There's only one reason that I'm here and if you haven't figured it out by now get with the frickin' programme - I am take out The Cure for good. I'm gonna hunt down every low life wannabe ass kisser that talked shit behind my back, but would still kiss my bare ass in my presence and make them pay for making me kill The Cure.

    The hit list is out, "mi compadres". Georgie Boy is coming to town..."
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  2. OOC: Time to leave IWT everyone, unless everybody wants to be a jobber
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  3. OOC: So what you are telling me is that you are coming to end The Cure?
  4. Tip Of The Day :
    "If you don't want to be a jobber then try not to suck so fucking hard." - Mystical George.
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  5. OOC I can't read it on mobile site of all the colurs you could of chose lol
  6. Take notes @Dat Kid
  7. OOC: Marked my fucking balls off for this. Looking forward to our match, just dont think ill be the first to step up :haha:
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  8. OOC- If you lose to Senhor again, will you leave?
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  9. Senhor isnt a former Cure member.
  10. OOC: How does it make you feel that I've already defeated two variants of The Cure already?
  11. Well, considering he was around for the black plague, of course not.
  12. :dafuq::facepalm1:
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  13. :shock:

    Is it something I said?
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    The Cure watches the TV screen with blank faces, the turn their heads behind them and Dat Kid walks into the locker room. Kid looks over at the screen, then moves closer to see George. Kid glances back at @JwabTV and @D-D-David . who are both looking at him with a hint of concern. Kid pats them both on the back before heading out of the locker room.

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage by himself.

    I would say welcome back, but quite honestly I can't wait for you to quit again. On top of that you got your math wrong. It's been 212 days, which is also 5,088 hours, and also 305,280 minutes since you stepped into the ring with purpose, because you've never stepped in the ring with purpose, which subsequently is the same time frame in which I've given a damn about anything you've had to say. What you also forgot to mention is that that clock is still ticking.

    You come out here chasing people that don't even exist anymore. The Cure is gone. That whole one night of luck that made everyone lose their minds in pure despair like the world was coming to an end, that's all over George. This fantasy world that you believed in is no longer existent. You are standing in God's world now. That's me by the way

    Dat Kid mockingly waves at George

    The men you once reigned over, now belong to me and they aren't some silly little small picture inebriates like the miscreants you "lead". They serve a higher purpose now and although "curing" is still their ongoing practice, they're now using it on sinners like you and sinners like Aids, who I noticed you still can't get over like some fat girl who got ditched at prom.

    Now if you ACTUALLY intend on following through on those hollow words of yours, then you can find the gentlemen you're looking for in the back. All you have to do is get through God.

    Dat Kid waves George over to him.
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    "That's it, Dat Kid. You wanted your fifteen minutes, huh? You wanted to bask in the glory of my return? Can't blame ya'. Plus, I'm feeling generous so here's 30 seconds for you to feed on for the next month ... Enjoy!"
    *George readjusts the camera.*

    "To take a shot at somehow who's mind is clearly elsewhere is so typical of you it makes me want to laugh and vomit simultaneously. I bet you hear that a lot, don't you? Too far? Alright, it's best not to get into your love life or lack of a love life, should I say, right now. Anyways, you need not worry about me for the time being because your time will come and you will be very aware of when that time is so just sit in the background and watch your dying child be brought to life with my presence. It's a pity you and I could never be friends, maybe if you dropped the lackey suit I'd let you buy me a beer sometime. Peace out, bitchlette."
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  16. Dat Kid with no expression on his face gives George a round of applause, then immediately stops.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid heads backstage
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  17. Even with all these Jesus wepts, Jesus still doesn't cry as much as CM Punk :pipebomb:
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