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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by THEWWEMARK, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. I saw this site, and it looked very professional. Most cheap ass sites make me :upset:, but when I saw this I was :otunga:, then when I signed up I was like :sky:, but now I'm like :cool:!

    I love Swagger, Daniel Bryan.. but I also enjoy the Japanese scene, like Kenta! I'm a little bit of a TNA guy, barely ever since Hogan's saggy man boobs entered the organization :)sad:). Hope to see some FCW guys get a shot, like Ambrose and Ricardo Rodriquez, blah blah.. uh...


    How do you put on a signature?
  2. Welcome to the site, you made this thread in the wrong section though but don't matter :eek:tunga1: :p

    I love how you use the smileys! Where did you find us by the way? Hope you'll be active too.

  3. You need to have 10 posts for a sig I believe. Welcome btw.
  4. Yeah once you make 10 posts, go to user CP and click "Change Signature" :)
  5. Oh, my bad, dur. I found you via Google, I was browsing... saw you guys, nodded, registered.. yeah.
  6. Awesome, I love it when we're found via google. Warms my heart :p.

    As a Swagger fan I guess you're not happy with the way he's been treated since becoming US Champion :(. @[seabs] is a big Kenta fan also :steiner:
  7. Someone mention Kenta?
  8. Awesome gif, Kenta is a monster man.
  9. Agreed his GTS is amazing.
  10. Excuse my potential racism here, but is that Tajiri he's owning?
  11. I'm not sure tbh :laugh:
  12. Welcome WWE Mark. Have fun marking out on our forums! Be sure to create a character if you want to be a part of our new E-Fed(Federation X)
  13. I think I'm a little late to be jumping into that that Fed X stuff.
  14. Can join it whenever you want :).
  15. Yeah you just create a character whenever you want and add him and then you'll see what he does storyline wise.
  16. Just did, pretty neat concept.
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