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    (Segment from after the Ovaldinho/Big Drag match took place...the footage got lost temporarily, basically)

    *The view upon your eyes to the interview booth, IWT interviewer Marco Corino is stood alongside Ovaldinho*

    Marco Corino: Luis Ovaldinho…not a bad debut, was it?

    *Luis mildly chuckles, grin highly evident upon his face*

    Ovaldinho: Not bad at all. *momentary laughter*

    Corino: A debut at IWTMania. Surely that must have been a lot to process?

    Ovaldinho: Welll, to a point sure, but I like to think I’m a level-headed man, I have no time for getting swallowed up by the ‘occasion’. I can debut at a house show, I can debut at Michael’s caravan park, heck I can debut on NGW’s coffin….It doesn’t affect me.

    Corino: Fair enough. Now, going into the match, many had already written it off as a ‘nothing contest’. Any words for those people in particular?

    Ovaldinho: To be fair, the build up to this match was, insane & hard to follow, to put it lightly. Struggled keeping up with the antics myself. Big Drag and I gave a valuable lesson to everyone tonight though, that what matters most is what you put in the ring. Sure, a nice build makes the stakes juicier, but it’s obvious where Drag and I had our priorities set.

    Corino: Speaking of Big Drag, feelings towards after the contest?

    Ovaldinho: I’ll be honest, we don’t match as people, and I definitely wouldn’t take him as my wingman to a nightclub, but I’ll admit he gave me a good fight tonight. There was a time, where I did believe he had he beaten. But I persevered and found a way. I’d be disrespectful & dishonest though if I didn’t say his performance was exceptional. We both did what any two highly ambitious competitors should do in a debut match, take eachother to the absolute limit. I’d have it no other way.

    Corino: So is this a definitive conclusion to the Ovaldinho/Big Drag saga?

    *Luis huffs & shakes his head*

    Ovaldinho: Pfffft. Not a chance. I may have won. But it was by a measly margin. There has to be a part 2. For my sake, for Big Drag’s and for the IWT faithful.

    Corino: Oh my. So should we expect the rematch to tonight’s tremendous clash?

    Ovaldinho: You bet. I know Michael’s watching so….

    *Luis swiftly turns towards the camera, eyes sternly poised at the lens*

    Ovaldinho: Mikey, make it a match. Luis Ovaldinho…vs Big DragPart II! I invite Big Drag 'to the dance'. We'll 'tango' our way to June's match of the month.

    Corino: Th-The 'dance'? 'tango'??

    Ovaldinho: You'll know about 'the dance' when the 'ballroom' finishes construction, Mr. Marco Polo. All that matters right now is that Ovaldinho is ONE AND ZERO!!!!!... YES!

    *Ovaldinho emphatically applauds himself before confidently strutting off, leaving Marco Corino bewildered*
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