I'm Ready To Rumble, Joey

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  1. *Alias' theme song begins to resound throughout the arena as he walks out on stage, receiving once again a HUGE mixed reaction. He's sporting a beanie, a tank top, some ripped shorts, and sunglasses, with parts of his body bandaged up after last weeks BRUTAL TLC match. Alias of course, has the tag title around his waist, and the tag trophy in his hand, along with a mic. He surveys the arena closely, before entering the ring and staring intensely at the hard cam.*

    Last week, my friend, Christian and I, walked into the perilous battlefield known as a TLC match against two men who epitomized tag team wrestling. We walked in as legends, empty-handed. We walked out as legends, with the gold around our goddamn waists! We dethroned the Desperadoes, and the LEGENDS reigned supreme! Who the fuck can doubt us now?

    Seems we struck a nerve too with Drake, as he turned on his partner Midas. We both could see it from a mile away, but this is none of our business. Like real legends, we'll move on from this happening, with our heads held high, looking forward to the Royal Rumble. Yes, that's right. Which brings me to my next point.

    *Alias takes off sunglasses*

    At the Royal Rumble, I'm taking on my biggest rival in IWT, Joey Bryant. The final chapter in our lengthy book. The trilogy will be completed.

    Joey, as well as I do, knows how much it eats me up knowing that I got SCREWED in our match at Summerslam last year. To make sure the same doesn't happen, our title match will take place in HELL IN A CELL!

    But you see, this is more than my legendary status on the line, this is my REDEMPTION, my PRIDE, my DIGNITY, my RECOVERY DAMMIT!

    I made a promise back at Summerslam, that I would rebuild my legacy from scratch and walk out of the Royal Rumble as the rightful IWT CHAMPION. Look at me now, tag team champion, and the promise is close to being fullfilled. Seems like I do stay true to my word, huh?

    As you can see though, physically, I'm not fully ready after that TLC match. I know you are because you haven't competed since like what, November? But that's why I'm a true legend and you're not.

    Royal Rumble will be the true test Joey, who truly loves this company and this title belt more. Who is the Savior of the IWT and who is the martyr? WHO WILL WALK OUT AS IWT CHAMPION!? WHO WILL HEAD TO THE MANIA MAIN EVENT!?

    Joey...I demand you to come out here right now if you have any final words.

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  2. *No one comes out after Antonio waits a few moments, the crowd boos at the no show. He’s about to raise his mic to his face again when the IWT Championship appears on the titantron with a pair of googly eyes and a fake mouth on it. The championship is sitting on a table and is the only thing you can see on the screen. The title’s fake mouth begins to move up and down and we hear a high pitched voice speak.*

    IWT Championship: Hi everybody! I’m the IWT Championship. I’m sorry but it seems like my owner has given up on IWT and me.

    *The crowd boos loud and the title begins to laugh.*

    IWT Championship: Not really, calm down you sheep. I am not sure what you people think half the time. I am not worth a damn thing unless someone is wearing me and I can assure you I have been strapped around the waist of Joey Bryant for the last couple months. So that leaves this question, where has Joey Bryant been? See you people think that when IWT hits a rough patch, when activity is low and hype is barely existent, all the blame goes to the man that gets to wear me. That’s not it at all. Joey has been waiting just waiting to be challenged, for any competitor to step up and make a name for themselves and when no one did, he decided to take a little vacation because he knew he had to prepare for the biggest fight of his life at the Royal Rumble. So before you imbeciles place all the blame on Joey Bryant, think for a moment, does one man really make a company what it is? Does one man bring hope and prestige to an entire locker room? Does Alias Antonio want a piece of this sexy little thing? The answer to all that is…

    *Just then, we hear a different man in the background.*

    “Hey! Get the hell away from my belt! Scram!”

    *The crowd cheers as they recognize the voice of Joey Bryant. Joey scrapes off the decorations on his belt and the camera zooms out and we see Joey Bryant in a suit looking confused.*

    “Fuck I set this down for 2 minutes and all goes to hell. Sorry for being late, don’t fret, I’m back…”

    *The crowd pops as the video feed cuts out and the lights in the arena turn dark green.*

    *The crowd pops loud as IWT Champion Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage at the beginning of the song with the title strapped around his waist. He smirks at Antonio in the ring before pointing to all the fans and walking down to the ring. He grabs a mic from ringside and stands a couple feet away from Alias as his music begins to fade.*

    “I feel like this is becoming a monthly thing but damn it feels good to be standing back in this ring.”

    *The crowd cheers again and Joey looks right at Antonio.*

    “Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. And I thought I used to be crazy, listening to you speak all I can hear is desperation and insanity in your voice. I’d like to say it’s nice to be standing across from you man to man again but it’s really not. Here, let me just clear the air a bit to get my feelings for you out of the way…”

    *He steps right up in Antonio’s face and raises his mic.*

    “I hate you Alias Antonio you pathetic worm.”

    *The crowd pops and Joey steps back again.*

    “There! Now that that’s out of the way, you can understand where I’m coming from when I say you did strike a nerve with me in that little speech and when someone that I hate as much as you strikes a nerve with me, it’s not going to end pretty. You’re right, it’s been a while since I’ve competed, but it’s been a while since anyone has really. Was it up to me that my match from a month ago got completely ruined? Maybe a little. But one little ruined match doesn’t even hurt the reputation I gained in 2014. You said…you said you’re a legend and I’m not? Hmmmmm…last time I checked you never actually WON the IWT Championship. Last time I checked you got BEAT at Summerslam last year. Last time I checked I am a THREE time IWT Champion, and I did that in one year. *He smirks* Last time I checked I’m no longer going to be the “Breakout Star of the Year”, I am simply going to be “Superstar of the Year” and it’d be a damn fluke if I wasn’t, you just don’t win 3 IWT Championships in a year and have it go unnoticed.”

    *Joey paces around in front of Antonio.*

    “I’ve been crazy before though, Alias, and I’m not afraid to tap into the side again at the Royal Rumble when we face off in that structure. You are not a God. You may be a tag team champion, you may be one of the most highly respected men in this company, but until I say you are worthy of holding onto this title, you will never be a God. I am like Jesus and you are Judas, I once looked at you as a brother when we were both fighting to take down Dat Kid. Our story is interesting. But I still remember the night you betrayed me, and just like Jesus, I was a martyr, a martyr for this company that night. For if you never attacked me and I never beat you at Summerslam, you would still be standing here as IWT Champion and only the true God knows if this company could even contain your ego.”

    *He walks closer to Alias again and smirks.*

    “As for any last words? Yea actually, if I happen to go down at the Royal Rumble and you walk away as IWT Champion, this is not over. This war will never be over between us. You and I will battle over that title until this company is in shambles and until one of us leaves in a body bag!!”

    *His happy attitude immediately changes as he stares down Antonio with intense anger.*
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  3. *Alias tightens up a little as he tries to contain his anger.*

    Looks like I've just struck a nerve now, right Joey boy? Well listen up, fuckboy, my nerve was struck ALL THE WAY back at Summerslam when I got screwed out of my title victory. My goddamn NERVE has been struck SINCE THEN and you don't know how much I just want to beat the shit out of you right now, but I want to come out as the better man and make sure I can beat you at your 100% without any fucking excuse. I'm no way near 100% and competing in a Hell in a Cell match is only going to exacerbate my condition even more, but THAT'S the LENGTH AND HEIGHT I'M WILLING TO REACH TO BE THE FUCKING IWT CHAMPION! I'MA BEAT YOUR ASS ANYWAY!

    Haha, you're right though Joey Bryant. You can hear the desperation and insanity in my voice, in my roars. I'm sure everyone can. If not, I hope you can hear the desperation and insanity in what I'm about to say.

    IF I lose against Joey Bryant this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, I'll NEVER, and I mean NEVER challenge for the IWT Championship EVER AGAIN.

    *Alias gets closer to Bryant.*


    *Alias stays quite for a minute as he glares at Bryant.*

    ......I'm a risk-taker, I'm an opportunist, I'm a legend; and come Royal Rumble......I'll be the IWT Champion.

    *Alias drops the mic and goes face to face with Bryant, before stepping back and exiting the ring, looking stressed.*
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  4. *Joey raises his mic as Antonio walks up the ramp.*

    "Just like that, huh "fuckboy"?!"

    *Joey paces around the ring angrily.*

    "You think you get the last word?! I AM the IWT Champion and I will ALWAYS be the IWT Champion and you just made the STUPIDEST decision in your life! You know what I've been known for, Antonio? I end careers. It's not a lie. I retired that god damn mid-card queen Sackfist, I sent Aids home packin after I took this title last year at Elimination Chamber, and there have been a couple others that I have beaten and had them realize they just can't make it in this company. Once you realize you'll never have a shot at the IWT Championship again, you'll only have ONE man to blame and that man one of the greatest IWT Champions of all time, The Martyr, the 2013 Breakout Star of the year and soon to be 2014 Superstar of the Year, Joey fuckin Bryant! That name will ring through your head over and over and over and over again until you just can't take it anymore, all you career down the drain because of that name! You'll be gone just like the rest of them and Alias Antonio will be just another name in the history books. You are finished, and that's that."

    *He throws his mic on the ground and raises the IWT Championship high in the air above his head.*
  5. *As Alias walks up the ramp, he stops as Bryant finishes, runs his head through his head and screams FUCK IT. He then rushes back to the ring and takes down Bryan and starts hitting left and rights.*
  6. *Joey pushes Antonio off him and grabs his title and slithers out of the ring. The crowd boos at him cowering out and Bryant realizes this and begins throwing weapons in from all different sides of the ring at Antonio. He runs back into the ring and begins kicking the hell out of Antonio's mid-section.*
  7. *Bryant keeps kicking the mid-section of Alias and irish whips him, but Alias is smart and rolls under the ring. Bryant though, a step smarter, goes for a SUICIDE DIVE but Alias HITS BRYANT WITH THE IWT TITLE THAT WAS ON THE FLOOR AS HE DIVES OUT! Alias quickly jumps over and starts hitting left and rights again, busting Bryant open. Both men are still slugging it out on the outside floor until security, Jono, Christian, Gav and Lee come out to calm down the situation and seperate both men from the brawl. The crowd begins to chant the now notorious "LETS GO BRYANT! A-LI-AS!" dueling chant as both men are forced to the back, already bloodied. That speaks volumes on the intensity of this feud.*
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