Storyline I'm so fancy...

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  1. Rita is lying on a sun lounger besides the pool, sipping a bright blue cocktail. She notices the camera and pushes her sunglasses to rest on top of her head.

    “Hi there.” She smiles sweetly. “For those that don't already know me, my name is Rita Kendal- The billion dollar princess.” Flashing a dazzling smile, she continues. “I'm just being humble... I'm worth way more than that.” She winks at the camera, now sitting fully upright.

    “But seriously, I'm not aiming to show off... although who would blame me? My aim is to bring some class to IWT... and maybe win a title or two. I understand that at the moment the champion is some uneducated, unwashed scumbag. That is disgusting." Rita shakes her head, screwing up her face. "So now I'm making it my job to whip all these filthy urchins, fake prophets and b-movie stars into shape... by kicking their pathetic asses.” She slides the over-sized sunglasses back to her face and gives a little wave to the camera.
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  2. *gav the chav is watching backstage*

    ( Gav the chav) what a little cheeky **** this bitch is someone needs to put that bitch in line

    *gav throws his IWT belt over his shoulder and walks away*
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  3. You already knnooowwww
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  4. Why I enjoyed this so much...I will never know.
  5. Smart, good taste etc.