Promo I'm sorry, IT'S OVER!!

Discussion in 'ICW' started by Ovaldinho, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. *Sir Lee is in the ring, wearing a black suit, a look of disappointment across his face. His ICW WHC on the floor.*

    Sir Lee: It's come to my attention I no longer care about this place, or does the dozen of e-fed fans that know this place exists. I'm here to take my name off the roster, to vacate my title, and importantly, to remove myself from this sham of a corporation, Gohan is a tool worth nothing and will never get over here, and when even he can't get over here, you know this place isn't worth it.

    But Awful News Adam, I repsect the kid, he's working at it, getting the job done, although he can thank me for that, training him the last month.

    Goodbye ICW, it was fun while it lasted, but now you'll need a new WHC and a new corporation representative!

    *Sir Lee spits on the ICW WHC and storms up the ramp, the fans boo him as he goes up the ICW ramp one last time.*