Storyline I'm still here!

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  1. Sack walks out to the ring carrying a mic, he rolls into the ring.

    "Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr Main Event is here! My transition, my metamorphosis to a main event superstar in IWT has become ever closer as I defeated the X-Division Champion, the champion of the Mid-Card Division, proving once and for all that I am too good to remain in the division. As we all know since my loss against Joey Bryant, I have had a tango with the cure and I suffered defeat after defeat in tag team action, a match I was thrown into at the last minute to continue the dead tag division"

    Sack looks out as he admires a small Mr Main Event chant

    Last night people, I was to go one on one with the new IWT Champion, Aids Johnson, however either he was too greedy and stupid to wait, he cashed in or he was too afraid I would give him a 2nd loss. With no one to compete in the main event, Dat Kid panicked and threw in the King Of The Mid-Card, King David himself, thinking that my "kryptonite", a match against the cure would send me to the unemployment line. The man that beat Farooq, Joey Bryant & B.Dazzle in one night couldn't stand toe to toe with Mr Main Event. This brings me to my next opponent, the man who is the gate keeper to my 1st title match, and the man who beat me to go into a match with a losing effort, Joey bryant.

    A decent reaction for Joey is heard by the fans

    Joey Bryant, we will go one on one at Night Of Champions, the PPV when every title is on the line, and the night where once again, my career is on the line. Senhor couldn't get rid of me, the cure's waterboy couldn't get rid of me, and Bryant, I know you won't get rid of me, Aids may have escaped me at Uprising, and I do hope he remains IWT Champion, because when I beat you at Night Of Champions, I will have my match against him and I will do what I did at Uprising, I will prove that the Cure isn't the stronghold people believe it is, I will show that it is my time to hold the title, and be the example to everyone in the back, that if they put in the work and effort, they too can aspire to be IWT Champion. So Joey I am sorry to tell you that all those thoughts of you going into the world title match, the plans you made for the championship bonus, the tickets you would have give to family and friends to see you headline in a title match, well they are going to be put on hold, I believe you'll reach the brass ring at some point, but right now Mr Main Event has the ring in his sights, and at Night Of Champions, I am going to beat you.

    Mild Crowd Pops

    "And Aids Johnson, when I do, you will reach your dead end, as you can only run for so long. I will be IWT Champion and I will take personal satisfaction driving the wooden stake into your reign to kill it completely"