I'm the #1 Contender

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  1. We open to a misty dark room, filled with smoke that clouds the camera. Within the dorm of cloud, Eduardo is sitting, his eyes red from his recent hit, nails bitten to the end. Eduardo sits there in his black skin tight top, sleeves ripped off to showcase his arms tattooed entirely, black jeans and large black boots with spiked ankles. In his other hand is a lit cigarette from which he takes a long drag, letting the smoke dwell within him and he opens his mouth slowly, letting the smoke escape him before he blows the excess out with one simple exhale.

    Eduardo: So....Federation...X! You deny me the debut event spot, that's just fine with me

    Eduardo finishes his sentence as he gets close up to the camera, eyes wide showcasing the full redness they have become before he cackles and takes another drag of his cigarette.

    Eduardo: I'm going to be the 1st ever real champion, Fed X can crown a paper champion on their first show as they struggle to compete in the ratings, I'll just remain in my sanctuary, I'll dwell here and emerge as the Contender for the title. Screw Marcus Anthony or Mr. Wonderful, what you are looking at is a man who cannot be destroyed by the evils of this world, no amount of hash, booze or tobacco can defeat me, I'm immune to them, unlike every other man, I face the evils and I won, but wrestling, there is only one evil, the pain...the pain caused and inflicted by pathetic ring monkeys, pain I too have conquered. You see I have grown to like the pain, I have grown to want pain, so when I step in that ring and I tell whatever polished shit they have carrying around the belt I'm his opponent, He will see, oh he will see that The Dark Prince of Pain is fearless, but above all else, he enjoys the pain. I enjoy being hit, being kicked but I enjoy hurting people a lot more, so whoever you are, whoever has my title, prepare to bow down to your Prince and enter the despair
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