Storyline I'm the Champion?

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  1. The scene begins in a dark room, with one dimmed light on in the middle. Nick is seen sitting on a chair, in deep thought. He begins to talk.

    "It's everybody's goal here, to become the world champion. The money, the fame, and all the glory that comes along with it. People strive for that. I've strived for that my whole career. I've done unspeakable things, I've done horrible things to get in this position. I've been through hell and back, and now I sit here and ask myself, was it really all worth it?"

    He takes a deep breathe.

    "Honestly, being world champion hasn't been all that I've hoped. I'm not on billboards, on posters, I barely make anymore money than before, I'm not promoted. Hell, I forgot I was champ! And I'm sure everybody else has, too. And I just want to know why. Where's my documentary? Where's my commercial? All I have in the goddamn shop is a stupid t-shirt that's over a year old. Why isn't anybody anybody talking about Nick? Why is everybody talking about Alias Antonio, and Stopspot, and Solidus... and Joey Bryant? I BEAT HIM DAMMIT!"

    He throws the chair and paces.

    "I deserve all of the publicity that he gets... why can't I get it? People are saying that this looks to be the worst card in IWT history, and of course it is. My 2nd opportunity at a main event - my first failed because my opponent didn't show - so my second chance and of course it's gonna suck. People are calling me a fluke - well I'll prove you all wrong! Because I'm an angry man, and I've got something to prove. Joey, not even bringing your A game at the anniversary show is gonna help you because your best isn't even CLOSE to my worst. At the IWT Anniversary show, I'm going to prove all of the doubters wrong, and become IWT's top dog. I'm the best champion and the best wrestler in the IWT, and I will set it in stone December 21st."
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  2. Chill CM Punk, you're on the Royal Rumble poster. :4/10:
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