Storyline I'm The Future

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  1. Chris Kaizer walks out with a smile on his face, like always. He is followed by Tim Tebow. He steps into the ring as the crowd begins to chant "JOEY BRAYNT!"

    Yeah, Joey Bryant, the person who got his ass buried and then fell so far down the ladder he ended up with Dat Kid. How sad is that? Almost as sad as you pathetic losers chanting his name every match,every promo,every night. Guess what, he didn't win the Rumble, in fact, he was far away from doing so. Now, I didn't have much of an impressive showing at the Rumble either, but here is the thing, I didn't get eliminated by Jacob Colton. I got eliminated by my own team mate in B.Dazzle.

    Kaizer laughs to him self as the crowd boo

    But, I don't want to talk about the Rumble, since one gives a shit about the winner. What everyone does give a shit about, is the future of this company. Joey Bryant,Alias Antonio,Sir Lee. You know who no one talks about, me. Yeah, me, the guy who beat the Royal Rumble winner, the guy who was in a title match almost 3 months into joining the company. I am not Joey, I don't cater to the fans like him. I don't get buried by Aids like him. I'm not Alias who is so insane you would think he is the brother of Victoria Parker. I'm am a lot like Sir Lee though, we are both assholes.

    Kaizer starts to walk back and forth

    The more and more people don't talk about me as the future, the more and more I get disgusted. I am the future of this company just as much as Alias and Joey are. I can prove that any day of the week. I will show you why I am the future, and if you still continue to deny that fact, I will have to show you manually. I will show each and every one of you why I am. Will I do it tonight? Next week? At EC? At Wrestlemania? I will show all of you at any chance I can get. Up until you admit that I am the future of this company, I will not stop. I no longer have friends. Only foes stoping me from proving my point. IWT, get ready.

    Kaizer goes to leave the ring. He stops him self as he opens his mouth again

    Oh, and one last thing

    Kaizer turns to Tebow and slaps him across the face. Tebow is in shock. Kaizer smiles, he hits Tebow with a T-Bone Suplex. Chris Kaizer walks up the ramp with his arms raised high
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  2. Fans begin screaming at Tebow: Tebow! You can't make it in any pro sport!

    *Fans begin to chant for John Elway and Peyton Manning.*
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