I'm trying to make a story: where a Ninja/Pirates live style

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  1. I need help with these ranks:

    Here's the Real Ninjas Ranks
    sapphire star,
    emerald star,
    ruby star,
    sapphire moon,
    emerald moon
    ruby moon
    Shadow eye the shadow eye is for masters.

    Here's the Pirates Ranks:


    First Mate / Quartermaster
    Boatswain / Bos’n / Bosun
    Sailing Master / Sea Artist


    Master Carpenter
    Master Gunner
    Sail Maker
    Cabin Boy
    Powder Monkey

    Please help me figuring out out how to put these two ranking system together?
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  2. I have no idea what you are aiming for? Are you trying to incorporate the Ninja ranks into the Pirate ranks? If so why not keep the Pirate rankings as so but have different levels of each Pirate ranking based on the Ninja ones! For example

    MUSICIAN - lowest rank would be Sapphire Star.

    MUSICIAN - middle rank would be Ruby Moon.

    MUSICIAN - top rank would be Shadow Eye.

    Same for all other Pirate rankings
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  3. Wrong section dude. This section is for site related questions.

    I'm moving this.
  4. I'm thing of have the Pirate rankings be lower than the Ninja Rankings.
  5. Could you move it to the right selection than?
  6. I did.
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  7. Good luck, bro. I'm not being sarcastic, just not sure how much pretending a grown a** man can do.
    More power to you. I truly hope this thread proves me wrong and gets 30 licks.