Storyline im watching you joey!I

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  1. Gav is stood in the middle of the ring with a mic at hand holding his MITB briefcase as gav begins to speak*

    ( Gav the chav) hey joey I hope you've been watching over your shoulder because gavs been watching you very carefully when you've been in the ring ive been watching when you've been backstage I've been watching even when you've been sat at home playing with your tail gavs been wat... ok maybe not but you get the point I'm waiting to make my move it could be next week it could be next year it could be right now if I really wanted to you don't know when I'm gunna cash this bad boy in and I guarantee you will not see it coming either your gunna wake up one day and realise you're no longer the champ and a new era will have begun that era will be the chav era and its gunna be epic!

    *a FSW chant breaks out*

    You know what right now that you guys mention it there is something else I wanna address as you all know first strike wrestling has re-emerged this week and noticed some of IWT finest men and women have jumped ship to see if the grass is greener on the other side

    well let me tell you all this right now its s load of fucking shite you wanna know how I know that? because I fell for the same shit last year I fell for the same lies you have all fell for last year I went one on one with melky seamen we had a pretty good match who won you may ask? Well we never got chance to find out the place turned to shit quite literally the electricity went off the fans got annoyed and walked out of the arena and the next day instead of facing up to it like a man dat kid sold it on and ran away from the mess he caused now sure iwt ain't perfect it had its fair share of problems with voting and stuff but at least we try to resolve it

    Now you can all go there if you want to feel free I don't care but just remember this dat kid may have promised you title shots he probably promised fairer voting but this is also the same dat kid who made himself the champion of his own company and I bet you he'll do it again and I'll be the first to tell you I told you so I've warned you

    joey bryant take a look over your right shoulder because I right behind you

    * gav drops the mic and leaves the arena*
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  2. Wot did u say u cheeky ****. 1v1 me m8 i'll rek u faster than ur disfigured head rekted ur mums snatch. Sorry seabs luv u bby but u r slut.

    Im glad ur not comin 2 FSBetterthanIWTW cuz dont matter wot fed ur in u'll always be a stinkin ****.

    I hope wen u open that briefcase you find some balls u pussy.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. u herd hym
  5. Get em CHAV!
  6. chav's being a cheeky **** by avoiding my challenge.

  7. Thats Mr Money in the Bank Gav the fucking Chav son.
  8. Yes what aids says I don't know who's a bigger cheeky **** you or that random guy who is trying to be me
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