WrestleMania Imagine for one second that ryback botches

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  1. At WM when his hitting his finisher . All the wright of Mark Henry goes to his shoulder and falls.And it kinda becomes a body slam to ryback necks .
    How much would ryback's career be hurted if he botches at the biggest stage of the WWE?
  2. RE: Imaging for one second if ryback botches

    It certainly wouldn't help in what has already been a botched push, but it wouldn't ruin the future of his career or anything. The crowd would be unforgiving and chant "You Fucked Up!" as loud as their vocal cords allowed them to. It would also ruin a potential Wrestlemania moment for Ryback.
  3. Imaging for one second that ryback botches

    Having someone like Henry land on his neck will probably break it as well.
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    It probably wouldn't hurt him that much, but if it were me, i'd do a different finisher on Henry.
  5. RE: Imaging for one second that ryback botches

    I've been thinking about a submission hold but it would be awkward to watch Henry the hall of pain tapping out
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    Doesn't have to be a submission, could be a Worlds Strongest Slam on the Worlds Strongest Man, would be funny.
  7. Imaging for one second that ryback botches

    Idk but I'd lol.

    inb4 Mark Henry sandbagged :pity1:
  8. Imaging for one second that ryback botches

    Forget Ryback's push, he would probably be dead if the full brunt of Henry's weight came down on his neck.

    But yea, I am basically expecting this to happen. I don't think he can handle Henry's beef.
  9. Imaging for one second that ryback botches

    They must've practice that finisher by now and see if he can carry Henry like that or not. But, botching it can still happen.
  10. RE: Imaging for one second that ryback botches

  11. Yeah but its not the same practicing now than after a 15 minutes match . Im sure ryback will kick off of a WSS
  12. If Cena can carry Henry and Show in his back I can bet you Ryback can with him too
  13. Cena is much stronger than Ryback and in better physical condition as well (cardio wise)
  14. Its different .


  15. Not the same finisher but a similar posture.
  16. Torture rack lol. I marked so hard for Luger's torture rack as a kid.. now it just looks.. wow. torture rack lol
  17. Fireman carry on people that weigh a lot is easy. Shellshocking people is hard as fuck, but Ryborg is a weak fag. That fucking ugly bitch.
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  18. :yes:

    lmao, I marked for this post.

    How sad is it that the thing I am most anticipating at Mania is Rybotch dropping Henry's fatass on himself?
  19. They might end the match with a clothesline, which would probably be even more pathetic than a botched Shellshock :maybe:
  20. He will botch the clothesline.Henry wont move and he will be like What the fuck are you doing ?:mad2:
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