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  1. *Britanica is shown back stage destroying everything*
    *She is wearing an all white robe*
    *The camera man approaches her cautiously*
    *She looks into the camera and speaks*

    "WHERE ARE YOU!? I know you are back here someone Dat Kid! Don't make me burn down the church to bring you out. Don't test me, we all know I like fire! *She slams over a rack of chairs* You are a coward! You hide behind a group of misfits, acting like a leader. Naw. You are just a follower. You don't deserve that title... YOU NEVER DID! *She grabs a table and flips it over* I made this place, it was my design! You took it over and made it into a joke! You don't even have the balls to say how you really feel. You stand there in your suit, joking around, making a mockery of God. As if you even had the balls to say that to God himself. You are no god. You are barely even human. You are emotionally scared, weak, and powerless. One slip up is all it takes and this company will be nothing! I don't even see half the roster giving a shit anymore! *She laughs hysterically* The Order is the embodiment of this company and what do you do to them? Shun them out, make them lose. They are the ones who should be running this company! Not you!! They know what it takes to have control, to be leaders! You can barely control your own group let alone an entire roster. Remember when this company first started!? EVERYONE was hungry. Even you were!!"

    *Britanica walks into a room and walks out with a baseball bat*

    "Well now it is just me being the hungry one. *She swings the bat around and approaches the glass windows to the office rooms* I am done with this! This whole company is fake! It is fixed! Your secret is out Dat kid! *She begins bashing out the windows* COME OUT AND PLAY! *She breaks another set of windows* I AM RIGHT HERE WAITING! *Again, she breaks a third set, glass it all over - laughing while she does it* Don't make me break everything! -- Oh! What is that!? *She drops the bat and approaches a room full of camera equipment, TVs and computers* This is going to be fun! *She slips off her robe and is wearing an all black jump suit with lighter fluid strapped to her side - she pulls it off, and grabs a pack of matches from her boot* Follow me camera boy! *She walks into the room and begins squirting the lighter fluid all over everything, laughing as she does it.* I waited too long. I want that title, and if it takes destroying everything... So be it. *She strikes the match and tosses it behind her. - everything goes up in flames - a million dollars worth of equipment being destroyed* WHO IS GOING TO STOP ME!?"

    *She walks out the room, smoke is everywhere. People are seen running to the room to put the fire out and she stops them. She picks up a chair and begins hitting one of the men with it - she looks back at the camera*

    "My legacy will live forever, as for yours... It dies tonight. Give me my title. *She throws the chair almost hitting the camera man* I am sick of being nothing in this company. All the credit goes to you! What have you done to deserve any of this!? The only reason you even win matches is out of pity! *She spits on the floor* No one respects you, they never did. They all use you. Everyone uses you! Even Jonathon! *She picks the bat back up* I can go all night long. Show yourself before I burn the whole damn building down with you inside it! *She swings the bat at the camera mans legs, knocking him to the ground - the camera slides across the floor and you can only see the bat hitting him in the legs over and over again*
    @Dat Kid

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  2. Kid sitting behind a production crate in the hallway overhears the ruckus in the hallway as he stares at the ground. He continues to sit as Brit goes on her rampage and the stands up to see her standing in the middle of the hallway. Kid walks from behind the crate and stands about 15 feet away from Brit.


    Brit turns around and heads to Kid with her bat.

    Relax I'm not here to hurt you...

    Brit still charges towards Kid with bat in hand. Joey Bryant comes from behind and clobbers Britanica, she falls to the ground at Dat Kid's feet.

    ...but Mr. Bryant certainly is.

    Kid looks up at Bryant and nods. Joey goes off to do his own thing. Kid crouches next to Britanica and he pets her hair.

    Let's go have some fun.

    Commercial Break...
    We come back to the backstage area which is being cleaned up after Brit's attack. Then a shot of the arena where the crowd is waiting for something to happen

    Dat Kid comes through the curtains dragging Britanica by her hair, She's now come to and is trying to fight Kid as he drags her down the ramp. Kid knees her in the face then tosses her into the steel steps. He grabs Britanica by the hair again and tosses her into the ring. When Kid enters the ring Britanica tries to fight back again, this time getting the upper hand as she pummels Dat Kid to the ground. Kid covers up and pushes her off.

    Kid gets on top of Britanica and holds her hands down.'s's ok Britanica.

    Britanica continues to struggle. Kid puts his knees on Brit's arms so he can free his hands. He motions the announcer for a mic, who is reluctant to give it to him until Kid stares up at him.

    Britanica what you said backstage hurt me, it really did, can't you tell. There's something you need to realize Brit and I've never gotten the chance to say this, so I'm going to say it now. Thank you. I want to thank you for creating the platform in which I rule. Without you none of this would have been possible. Everything leading up to this moment, where you squirm for your very life, is all thanks to you. You were the woman who pushed the first domino, the woman who put the gears into place. We all owe you a great gratitude for that, but look at you now.

    One again, on your back as a man overpowers you. I honestly don't know why you're struggling. You think you'd be used to this position by now. AM I RIGHT FRANK?!

    Dat Kid regains his composure.

    You know, from right here you look pretty attractive, almost beautiful. I can almost ignore your foul stench.

    Dat Kid places his hands back on Brit's arms and leans into her as if he was about to kiss her. Kid is mere inches away from her face as she continues to struggle, even more now. Dat Kid kisses Britanica. The crowd is now disgusted by his actions. Britanica tries to headbutt Kid, but he backs away and moves his knees back on her arms.

    I'm sure you enjoyed that a lot more than I did. Your mouth tastes like an ashtray.

    Kid looks back at the stage.

    I guess the rest of your pack of wolves isn't here tonight. Shame. I guess you had that arranged, so you could have some one on one with me. That's cute.

    Kid looks back down at Britanica.

    I'm going to give you the World Heavyweight Chanpionship that sits around my waist, but before I do that I want you to listen to what I have to say, because you need to hear it. Without me, this company would have died within it's first month. I was the one who pulled those strings to get this company into an arena. Remember when we had our matches in a locker room because we were too damn poor to afford a school gym. You know who fixed that? I did. How about when you went off just before Wrestlemania? You know who recommended Jonathan to take your spot? I did. Or how about when that same man let his ego get to his head. You know who took half his roster and put that man in check? I did and you were the one who followed me when I did it!

    Brit, you're regarded as this great messiah of the IWT, when in fact all you did was give us a few straps with gold plating. I was the man who made them something. You may have created this place, but I am the man who MADE this place. There is not a single person in the history of the IWT who can do what I do! I am the greatest creative mind of all time! You want to talk about respect? People don't have to respect me, I don't give a damn, but if they want to do that they'll suffer the consequences that come with it. Just look at Unknown, Suicide, Victoria Parker, and Jwab. Shadows of their former selves and you want to know what they all have in common, they all disrespected me!

    And now you share that in common with them...

    So I want to present the World Heavyweight Championship, to my gorgeous Britanica.

    Dat Kid gently caresses Brit's face and she tries to bite his hand. He slaps her across the face and the sound echoes throughout the arena. Dat Kid slowly takes off his shirt, revealing the championship under it. He tosses his shirt the side and takes off the belt.

    It's yours

    Dat Kid holds the belt in front of Britanica's face, the suddenly hits her with it.

    What's the matter Brit? I thought you wanted it. Take the belt.

    Kid hits Britanica with the belt again

    Take the belt Brit!

    Kid continues to pummel Britanica with the belt, busting her forehead open.


    Britanica is now bleeding form her forehead profusely. Referees and officials run down to the ring to stop Kid. Dat Kid gets up and hold his foot above Britanica's head as if he's about to stomp on it.

    Get back! Go back through those curtains! NOW!

    The officials reluctantly go backstage. Dat Kid's title is now covered in Brit's blood. Brit is knocked unconscious. Kid looks back down at her, he drops the world title then rips off Britanica's robe, stripping her to her bra and panties.. He tosses it in the crowd, which causes a massive fight between Neil Thorn and deth,

    Kid picks up Britanica by the hair and tosses her over the rope and onto the apron. He ties her arms in the ropes and pushes her feet off the apron, so she dangles from it as if she'd been crucified. Dat Kid comes from behind and places the World Heavyweight Championship around her waist. He exits the ring and goes under the apron, grabbing spray paint. He writes "False Idol" on Britanica's legs.

    He starts to head back to the stage, but stops, then turns back around. Kid climbs up on the apron and pushes Brit's hair away from her face. He holds her head up by her chin and kisses her yet again, getting his face covered in her blood. He then puts his face next to hers and smiles at the camera.

    Show Spoiler

    God massacred.

    The camera cuts to black.
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  3. *Another camera man rushes out onto the stage with the medical team*
    *The medical team rushes past Dat Kid as he continues to walk down the ramp smiling.*
    *They quickly take down Britanica and put her on a stretcher. They remove the belt and drop it to the ground. The crowd begins to chant -Kitty Litter *clap clap *clap clap clap*- as they strap her in*
    *She is covered in blood - the medical team quickly covers her with a sheet and puts a breathing mask on her*
    *Dat Kid stands at the stage as they wheel her up the ramp*
    *Just as they pass him Britanica speaks out*
    "You can beat me, make me bleed, but my vengeance is undying. You haven't seen the last of me"
    *He precedes to walk back to the side of the ring as they wheel her to the back, the camera followers as the titan tron shows them putting her into an ambulance truck - he picks up the belt - steps in the ring and holds the title up as the blood drips from the dented belt onto his clothes*
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  4. As the ambulance pulls out of the arena Dat Kid grabs the mic, looking the the tron showing Brit.

    Actually....I have seen the last of you.

    1:00 David runs out of the driver's seat of the ambulance
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