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  2. Still Penn? Figured it'd be the NY tapings already, next week it is? Nevertheless, line up sounds alright.
  3. Lashley should smile. That look on his face doesn't work and only elicits indifference.
    I get that he's a heel. From the poster alone, however, nobody would know the difference.
    He should lock in the Bo Dallas heel smile.
  4. Yeah, this is the last show from PA and the last one featuring four sided ring.

    Next week is the return of six sided ring and NYC episodes start rolling.
  5. I enjoyed the knockout's match!
  6. Haven't had the time to watch yet, but from what I've heard from people who were there, this is a show you cannot miss. Go out of the way to catch this thing. Even if your real name is Kevin.
  7. Testify it's time to put up or shut up. LD with Testify, or TNA section moves into RoH's spot.
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  8. Sounds like a pretty good show, even if they did spoil who the #1 contender will be on the Impact Wrestling website. Either way, it would be nice if we get could more new #1 contenders to the Tag Titles that aren't The Menagerie, The Bro-Mans or British Steel (is that like an official name? I remember seeing them at a few places).
  9. I intended to watch this live, but I forgot it was on and it was already halfway through the show so I just watched it today :dawg: was alright.
  10. Watching it right now, it's off to a good start.
  11. oh testify to that

  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Just done watching yesterday's episode, and it was a damn good one. I'd prolly give it a 7/10

    The opening segment with Kurt talking about the episode's schedule and then calling out Willow, only to tell him that he wants him to be Jeff Hardy again... That was the moment I marked my tits off, I knew Jeff was gonna win the Battle Royal and I'm glad he did.

    The Wolves vs Bram & Magnus was so good. There wasn't a single bit of that match that was meh, everything was danb good, just so damn good!

    Aries vs Sanada was highlight of the night. It was bloody great! There were moments when I was thinking like 'Oh, come on, there's no way they're gonna let Sanada get the win over Aries this time' and then it turned out Aries would get the win with that cool 450 splash. Hopefully he cashes it in and becomes the new TNA champ!

    Bully Ray and Rhino/EC3/Spud segment was also good. I shit my pants when I heard Paul Heyman's name by Rhino, and when Bully mentioned the WWE. I thought there was some policy on not mentioning other wrestling companies (well, at least in WWE, or am I wrong?), but I guess Bully and Rhino will get away with that.

    The Battle Royal was decent. I was rooting for Hardy and Roode, even though I knew Hardy was going to win... Fine by me.

    Looking forward to the next episode and to seeing the six sided ring back again!
  14. Thank you for making my day better, Testify.

    The Beautiful People are smokin' hot! I can't decide who I'd bang more, Velvet or Angelina! Fucking bombshells, man! :emoji_grin:
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  15. Man I'm gonna miss Willow. Gone but not forgotten. :((
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  16. Dude, it's still Jeff Hardy, just without the mask. :adr:
  17. Yeah, but I've grown to love Willow's crazy little promos and cool entrance and such... :why: And now they're gone!

    It's no biggie, as you say. X-Division title match starting over here and this show has ruled so far.
  18. Aye, me too. But it is what it is. All good things must end, though.
  19. That's very true. :adr: But as you say, it's still Jeff Hardy. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: