IMPACT Discussion June 19th - Live from Betlehem, PA

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  2. *June 19th?

    I really enjoyed Slammiversary, I thought it was a good PPV that will increase the roster's morale as the crowd was hot. Who do you think will face EY guys? I'm finding it hard to predict the direction of the title in TNA at present.

    EDIT: Does anybody think that this Dreamer/Dixie storyline will actually be any good? Anything with Dixie in drives me mad.
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  3. Tnx for correction, appreciated bro.

    I'm thinking it's Bobby Lashley who faces EY tonight, as Lashley is still MVP's buddy and EY pinned Aries at Slammiversary, not Lashley.

    Wait and see approach in Dreamer/Carter storyline, we'll see.
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  5. EY defending the title is good, Taryn back is good, Slammiversary actually made me optimistic about TNA at least a bit, and these tapings should be good. But damn it, this Dreamer/Dixie deal... ugh. I can't stand Dixie anymore. This I don't see as something good in any manner. But overall this can be a good episode.
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  6. I'm hoping to be watching tonight, I've missed a lot of TNA recently because of a whole bunch of random bullshit occurring right when it starts.
    I managed to catch highlights of Slammiversary and it looked like a decent show, I'll have to try and watch the full version sooner rather than later if possible haha.
  7. James Storm to address something tonight, don't know what.
  8. [​IMG]

    Spud is ready for live Impact!
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  9. I am disappoint with Spud's sidecut. But I do enjoy his suit, as usual.
  10. Does Santa Claus make Spud's outfits?

    This should be a fantastic episode to watch in the morning with the benefit of fast-forwarding! :yay:
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  11. Anybody watching right now? This is a pretty good impact so far! Very impressed.
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  12. About to tune in, what did I miss?
  13. Show Spoiler
    King vs EY to start the show for the Heavyweight title. EY wins with personnel at ringside, i.e Aries, Joe etc. MVP cuts a shitty promo after and announces EY vs Lashley for the title later tonight. MVP also fires Earl Hebner by the way. Now we have a three way tag-title match. :bodallas:
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    Did not see that coming actually. I think this was a great follow-up Impact to Slammiversary. I'm really glad that Bobby Roode is back too, he seems to be a face now after being on the fence for a while.
  15. RAW was pretty good, TNA was pretty good interesting two decent programs in the same week, it's been awhile since that's happened.
    Personally I liked the ending, LETS GO BOBBY ROODE!
  16. Holy crap, after 20 minutes of this show of mostly MVP yelling this still feels like the best Impact in a long, long time. This is pure chaos with a swirl of awesomeness.
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  17. Lol, love classic TNA moments. Announcing mystery teams a minute before the match. :lol1:

    Whaaaaa? We get 2 Eric Young matches and 2 Wolves matches on the same show? :robbie: THANKS MVP! You're the best GM ever! :yay:
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  18. "When you've made it in this business, people just love to riiiiide your coattails to keep themselves relevant!"

    -Dixie. Well said. The opposite is true, but... Wait, thank you @Big Hoss Rambler! *fast-forwards*
  19. Besides this dumb ass petty bitch Tommy Dreamer talking, this Impact was possibly the best one this year and personally hands down most entertaining to sit and watch. TNA is off to two awesome shows in a row now. Great crowd again, Betlehem rules. Congrats to new champ Lashley, logical move by TNA all things considered.

    Impact last night was some damn fine television.
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  20. Fuck the Bella's, Taryn fucking Tyrell? You know she puts out.