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  2. X-Division match looks great. Hope it gets more than 3 minutes.
  3. So are we going to have an LD tonight? Probably not. May bug Leo on Skype again unless some others would like to show up
  4. The lack of Aries is driving me crazy....
  5. Perfectly timed quote in your sig. :sandow:

    But hey, we had Aries yelling backstage for a few seconds, at this rate I can't believe we even got that.
  6. Great discussion! Lets do it again next week brother!
  7. Just typing out my thoughts...

    -Missed the first 10 minutes, from what I'm reading it was mostly MVP being a selfish douche. Exactly the way they should go with him.
    -I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Knockouts' division. It should not exist.
    -Don't know what it is about Willow but he's growing on me
    -Willow vs Magnus and Bram was really clever booking, this Magnus and Bram storyline is intriguing. Bram seems good so far, while Magnus getting his balls back can only help
    -This Bully/Dixie feud has to end with Dixie going through a table. Will Dixie go through a table? No. So I'm not watching these.
    -Speaking of things I'm not watching, welcome to that list, Menagerie.
    -We got 10 seconds of Austin Aries this week! Yay! Guess this counts as a double turn with Aries and Roode being faces? Good.
    -My main issue with Anderson vs Storm was that I didn't understand the story going in. So Anderson is pissed that Storm screwed him out of the tournament? That's fine, but Storm acts like he did it intentionally for some reason while Tenay said it was accidental... Whatever, Storm got a win. Good.
    -Damn is it good to see the X-Division. The match wasn't the best, but screw it, I'll happily take it at this point. Dying to know when KK or AA will win the X-Title.
    -Sam Shaw being visited by Gunner? That seems like a charitable marine thing to do. Still what a waste of the roll Gunner has been on. Push this guy.
  8. This has been weird, but I guess that the deal is that in fact, Storm wanted to attack Gunner but accidentally kicked Anderson, and again I'm guessing his reaction was apathy because, well, the fact that he cost Anderson a win shouldn't upset him, maybe? It does bring up the question of why would he run in if he was OK with either man interfering, I don't know.
  9. Let the brotha explain the story behind, when no one else knows how to do it.:testify:

    There was an Anderson-Gunner high stakes match two-three weeks ago. James Storm came down to screw Gunner, but missed him and hit Anderson instead. Gunner wins the match, Storm says whatever since he is not sorry anymore.

    One hour later, Storm vs. Williow bastard. Post match, Anderson attackes and lais out the Cowboy.

    Now they're in a full-fledged feud, and that's about it.
  10. So Storm MEANT to hit Gunner and accidentally hit Anderson and then was like "Fuck it, whatever?" That makes sense.
  11. yeah bro.

  12. Despite its seeming lack of cohesion sometimes TNA is still keeping me hugely entertained. Only things on my no watch list are Willow and the Bully Ray saga which just doesn't intrigue me. It does have Spud so redeems itsself a little.

    I agree though AA needs to be on TV a lot more would love to see him go after the X Division title against Sanada or face Tigre Uno.

    Also they need to continue the Gunner push that has seemed lacking in recent weeks. The guy was when I first started watching leading to Lockdown getting hugely popular this needs to continue.
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  13. Hey Cloud or Testthefries, can one of you fill some of us (like @Aids Johnson) what the good stuff is on Impact?
  14. In general?
  15. fill me up @Testify
  16. Yeah, man. Just if there's anything in general we should go out of our way and see.

    Was able to catch the Gunner/Shaw stuff and found that interesting, so much of what Gunner does just feels real. Saw the Magnus/Bram/Willow stuff as that moved forward, and Aries' return. Aids would want to see Anderson and Cowboy in the bar for sure.
  17. I wish I could Broman and Bugman, I wish I could.

    But the truth is (don't die after reading this) that I have not (omfg) watched Impact Wrestling in three weeks. True story.

    I just think it's a boring TV right now, and TNA has definitely lost its soul. Frankie Kazarian said the same basically few days ago, he said when he was leaving TNA it didn't feel like he was leaving the TNA at all.

    I feel the same way when watching TNA. It doesn't feel like the company I (used to?) love.

    Don't get me wrong, I like nearly all the talent in EY, Aries, Roode, Lashley, Magnus, Bram, King, Wolves, Shaw, Gunner, Storm, EC3, Spud, Sanada, Bromanz, Gail Kim etc, but I can't put my finger on what is exactly wrong with TNA recently. Maybe because TNA's souls have all left (JJ, AJ, CD, FK, CS)? Because Bully fucking Ray is a babyface, a fucking babyface are you kidding me after all he's done recently with Aces & 8s and Ken Anderson's family? MVP turns heel so quickly? Samoa Joe the fat fuck wrestling for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in a shirt at Lockdown (fucking **** Joe is)? Abyss fat and lazy character still being around and lets say Bad Influence is being let go? Mike Tenay still doing commentary? Fuck man, that ain't right and makes zero sense. Oh, and don't even get me started on the 'crowd' and Impact Zone. It chokes me as a viewer, and Slammy in Texas and those PA and NYC TV tapings post-Slammy can't come soon enough.

    Some things just bug me with today's TNA so much even with the talent I can really get behind, but I don't think I'll watch TNA TV until Slammiversary on PPV in mid June. I just don't feel like I'll be missing anything spectacular until then. I'll watch a segment or match or two per episode to get me prepared for the big PPV, but the entire show? Most def not.

    **inb4 increase of heart attacks**
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  19. and I do agree. Watching TNA doesnt feel like TNA at all, it's like a tna knockoff with the same characters playing themselves like the real husbands of hollywood. It's the writing that is so damn poor.

    MVP vs Kenny King now is them together without any real way to work it. EY is a DB knockoff even though he is the 1000% ideal candidate for the one to get kicked around before earning his spot - they just skipped the beginning. There are legit 2 tag teams in the division atm so every week bromans are gunning for a title rematch and there are a ton of other continual fuckups like the japanese vs the mexican for the x-belt when it would be awesome to see them go over Ion or see Manik back ffs.

    It's just horribly presented. TNA is like great food placed wrongly on the plate to make it look unattractive, and it blows 1000% more ass that WWE is dogshit right now too, because I would love to enjoy one product and would be more than happy to jump back on TNA's ship, it just makes no sense from week to week. It'd be easy to blame russo but it was dogshit before.

    It's like you said, Bully is a babyface. Why? He can play any role well but we all love bully as a heel, and they did 2 years of building to turn him back? It's like when someone offers you a high five and then proceeds to sack tap you in the balls instead.
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  20. TNA need to do 3 things for me right now, to try and gain momentum, going into 2015 and the Maximum Impact UK tour:

    1) Signings - We could do with a few re-signings, actually. I'd love to see Sting, AJ, Bad Influence, Sabin back - I know that money is an issue, but surely TNA could, with a bit of financial backing, get a few of the icons of TNA back? Also, we need to strengthen the midcard. Tag Teams are needed, as the Wolves and Bro-Mans have been the only ones in the last 5 months or so. Heck, the X-Division could do with another guy (although we do have Low-Ki apparently coming back as he got a title shot from a One Night Only pay-per-view).

    2) Writing - I think that the writers recently haven't been doing as well as they should be doing. There's a lack of continuity - for example, Tigre Uno gets the Best of 3 Series against Sanada, then a couple of weeks later he's fighting Sanada and Ion again for the title? Also, the way Willow has been done is just terrible; i'm not sure who's fault that is, to be honest, but it needs to be fixed. We also need to see less rematches on Impact (for example, we can't see EY vs MVP until Slammiversary - book them in tag matches if necessary though).

    3) Who's the top guys? - TNA need to figure out who in their roster is best for what. For example, who's going to be your biggest stars (babyfaces or top heels), and so who will you market the company/Impact show on? Aries hasn't been around the title (in fact, he's not been doing much recently) in ages, Roode's not touched the title since his record-breaking title reign, Hardy is jumping around in a silly mask, MVP is doing the whole heel authority routine (I feel it's too early for his heel turn tbh) and Samoa Joe's just a fat load right now... Magnus, one guy predicted to be your top star, had one of the worst reigns I have ever seen in professional wrestling, and now he'll slowly turn face in a story with Bram and Willow, in an attempt to redeem himself or whatever/gain credibility. EY will hold the title for a bit now, but I think he'll remain as one of the guys who is in around the midcard/title scene, as the crowd's favourite in #1 contenders and the like.
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