Impact Ratings for 2/23

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  1. TNA Impact on Thursday, February 24 scored a 1.19 rating off a first hour 1.17 rating and second hour 1.22 rating. The second hour rating was the highest of the year and the highest since November 2011.

    Impact peaked at the top of the second hour, as it usually does, with a 1.26 rating for this week's Knockouts match of Gail Kim vs. ODB. The low point was a 1.10 rating in the second quarter-hour. Impact finished strong with a 1.21 rating in the eighth quarter-hour, the highest-rated Q8 since the Impact after Bound for Glory in October (18 weeks).

    Q1: Impact opened with a 1.15 rating for Bobby Roode's show-opening promo, one commercial, and the first-half of the TNA Tag Title match. (down 2.3% vs. 2011-Q1 average)

    Q2: Impact hit its low point with a 1.10 rating for the second-half of the Tag Title match and two full commercial breaks, which dragged down the rating, followed by the first-half of Brandon Jacobs' in-ring promo. (down 4.8% vs. 2011-Q2 average)

    Q3: Impact bounced back with a 1.18 rating for the second-half of Ray-Jacobs, Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion in X Division action, and one full commercial break. (up 1.2% vs. 2011-Q3 average)

    Q4: Impact scored its highest rating of the hour with a 1.24 rating for videos/backstage segments and the first-half of the Knockouts match between Gail and ODB. There was one commercial, which helped boost the Q4 rating, when TNA typically has two commercials in Q4. It was the highest-rated Q4 segment since November. (up 10.3% vs. 2011-Q4 average)

    Q5: Impact built to a show-high 1.26 rating for the second-half of Gail vs. ODB, one commercial break, and a Jesse Sorensen health update video. This was the highest-rated Q5 of the year. (up 2.3% vs. 2011-Q5 average)

    Q6: Impact dropped slightly to a 1.22 rating for A.J. Styles vs. Robbie E. in a TV Title match, plus one commercial break. This was tied for the highest-rated Q6 of the year. (up 5.2% vs. 2011-Q6 average)

    Q7: Impact dropped to a second-hour-low 1.17 rating for the first-half of the TV main event (Roode & Angle vs. Storm & Hardy with Brandon Jacobs), and one commercial break. This was tied for the highest-rated Q7 of the year. (up 2.6% vs. 2011-Q7 average)

    Q8: Impact increased to a 1.21 rating for the second-half of the main event, one commercial, and Crazy Sting confronting Roode to set up their mach at Victory Road next month. (up 2.8% vs. 2011-Q8 average)

    Not bad. Very little Hogan and Bischoff this week, and having a relatively relevant celebrity around to get a cheap plug on Sportscenter didn't hurt either.
  2. It's great to see they're up on most segments. TNA has been a really good product the past few months imo.
  3. Man those knockouts are draws, how is it like that? The knockouts are the highest rating weekly :O.

    Decent scores though, better than the recent weeks anyway.
  4. People tend to care about good women's wrestling, probably because it's such a rarity. They also get the good segments I believe, with the 2nd hour starting.
  5. What guy wouldn't want Gail Kim on their TV?
  6. I don't find her too attractive to be honest, the spot they're in though is exceptional.
  7. Good to see that WWE hasn't completely ruined the concept of womens' wrestling.

    I like her, but there are several better looking ladies on that roster.
  8. It's definitely because of the slot they have been in lately, which I don't really understand tbh. I get that the KO's division is good, and I enjoy watching it, but it's surprising to me that they are getting the #1 slot at the top of the second hour week in week out
  9. Must admit I agree with Dolph, why not use that to promote their main event?
  10. Better than Bischoffs/Hogan I guess
  11. It's a nice reward for being such a high-ratings draw every week.

    What did you guys think of the Brandon Jacobs thing?
  12. Pretty indifferent on it tbh. I do wish if they were going to make the best heel in wrestling look like a pussy they would at least do it in a way that would benefit someone actually on the roster and not a backup RB
  13. Agreed. I'm all for guest appearances at times to help boost the product, but Ray is one of the best heels on TNA (best on the mic), if that were to happen in WWE we'd complain about him being buried by a guest host pretty much.
  14. For some reason, the way TNA is presented makes it seem less serious than WWE. The chokeslam was rather harmless, they'll get their Sportscenter plug and Bully Ray will still be awesome. Didn't like Bully backing away though, but it'll be forgettable.
  15. Shadic's Impact report 2/23
  16. Congrats to Knockouts obviously, but those are still lousy ratings for a good shows in the last month or so. Piss poor, in fact.
  17. Yeah, the KOs are a proven draw already, I think they deserve even more TV time and stronger stories and match-card places.
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  18. Thing is though Draine, many of us would rage if an exceptional heel like Bully Ray was chokeslammed by a sports star and then "runs away". You can't say TNA seems less serious, fact is we'd all rage and in this case TNA have done something annoying.
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  19. I would too. I just thought it was a dirty chokeslam due to Storm having to help him out. Bully was protected in that sense, and TNA got some exposure that was desperately needed. It's hypocritical to rip Bobby Roode or The Miz for always winning dirty and the problems that causes, and not defend this as not being terrible.

    Bully Ray backing down from a football player as much as he did, though, was complete bull and shouldn't have happened. And it should have built towards something at the PPV.