IMPACT Results: World Heavyweight Championship Match, Who Cashed in Their Briefcase? More!

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    Impact Coverage by Bobby James
    March 20, 2015

    Ultimate X Match for the World Tag Team Championships
    The Wolves (c) vs. The BroMans vs. The Revolution​

    The Wolves meet The BroMans (Jessie Godderz, DJ Z) and The Revolution (Manik and The Great Sanada) to defend their tag team championships.

    At the opening bell, the challenging teams each single out a member of The Wolves. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards come back quickly and clear the ring as they gain control of the match.

    Angelina Love distracts The Wolves, preventing a suicide dive to the outside. DJ Z rushes up from behind, but he’s sent flying over the top rope into The Revolution. The Wolves make the first attempt to scale the wires and claim the titles. Jessie Godderz makes the save.

    Jessie and Manik send Eddie Edwards to the outside, then both teams team up against Davey Richards. Manik tries to dupe Jessie and secure the win for The Revolution, but a dropkick sends Manik crashing to the mat.

    The larger members of The Revolution and The BroMans hoist their smaller partners onto their shoulders as they attempt to reach the titles in the center of the ring. The Wolves leap from the turnbuckles to collide with their challengers. Everyone is down in the center of the ring.

    The Wolves double team Manik and DJ Z before they’re caught by with a double clothesline by Jessie. Jessie climbs the turnbuckle, but Sanada makes the save by blinding Jessie green mist!

    Eddie Edwards connects with a hurricanrana from the top rope. Davey Richards follows up with a double stomp. The Wolves scale the wires to claim their championships.

    Winners: The Wolves



    Austin Aries addresses the theft of his “Feast or Fired” briefcase by The Beat Down Clan. Aries demands the return of his briefcase, which guarantees him a World Championship match.

    Accompanied by Samoa Joe, Low Ki enters with possession of the briefcase.

    Aries challenges Low Ki to a “winner takes all” match for the briefcase and X-Division championship. Low Ki and Samoa Joe attack; Low Ki says Aries will have to go through Joe first.

    Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe w/ Low Ki

    Capitalizing on the pre-match attack, Samoa Joe batters Austin Aries into the corner. Joe connects with a clothesline in the corner. Aries comes back with a series of punches and kicks, but he’s grounded by a front slam from Joe.

    Joe drives Aries shoulder-first into the ring post before sending him crashing into the steel stairs. Joe rolls him back into the ring, then Aries connects with a series of rights. Aries is powered down with a bell-to-belly suplex.

    Joe places Aries in a crossface hold. Aries breaks free, only to be met by a stiff kick that takes away any momentum Aries had. Joe connects with another shot to the face, but missed a splash attempt near the ropes.

    Aries leaps to the outside as he drops Joe neck first across the middle rope. From the top rope, Aries connects with a missile dropkick; he follows up with a second dropkick. Joe counters a brainbuster attempt into an armbar; Aries reaches the ropes.

    Aries counters a muscle buster and connects with two discuss forearms. Joe is sent to the arena floor. Aries suicide dives to the outside. He connects with Joe; Low Ki attacks, earning Joe the disqualification.

    Winner: Austin Aries (via DQ)

    Post-match: Low Ki and Joe double team Aries. Aries dodges an attack with the briefcase that connects with Joe. Aries takes out Low Ki and reclaims his briefcase. Rockstar Spud emerges from the back with his “Feast or Fired” briefcase containing a contract for an X-Division Championship match.

    X-Division Championship
    Rockstar Spud vs. Low Ki (c)​

    Low Ki’s down in the center of the ring. Rockstar Spud lifts him and rushes up the ropes to connect with an Underdog! Spud makes the cover for three!

    Winner: Rockstar Spud – New X-Division Champion

    Post-match: Spud celebrates with the fans until Samoa Joe gives chase.




    Backstage: Magnus attacks Bram in the parking lot!

    The brawl spills into the backstage area before finally reaching the Impact Zone. Magnus chases Bram into the ring. He connects with a series of stiff rights and kicks before grabbing a chair.

    Magnus attacks Bram’s spine and appears to be poised to slam the chair across Bram’s throat until officials get involved. Magnus breaks free twice to continue his assault.

    Mickie James rushes to the ring. At first, she appears to be in line with the officials, but she quickly shifts her attention to Bram. Mickie lays in a stiff kick to the groin and a series of rights of her own. The officials work to separate Mickie from Bram.

    Bram rolls out of the ring and starts to climb up the ramp. Magnus gives chase. He catches Bram before he escapes and powerbombs him onto the ramp!



    Triple Threat Knockout’s Championship
    Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell (c)​

    Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell double team Awesome Kong to start the match. Together, they take Kong off her feet. Kong’s dominance follows as she launches Gail into Taryn.

    Kong counters a suplex attempt by Taryn while Gail Kim attempts a dropkick. Gail bounces off Taryn and Kong slams Taryn onto Gail. Gail and Taryn again attempt a double team, but Kong puts them both down with shoulder blocks. Kong tosses Gail and Taryn across opposite sides of the ring.

    Gail connects with a kick to the head and Taryn attempts a clothesline from the second rope. Kong counters by catching Taryn mid-air with a powerful clothesline! Kong positions Gail for an Implant Buster. Gail counters and pulls herself onto Kong’s shoulders!

    Gail lands a series of shots to Kong’s face, but Taryn sneaks in with a roll-up. Kong powers out and connects with a double clothesline! Gail dodges a splash in the corner by slipping out onto the apron. Kong grabs her head and drives her face-first into the ring post!

    Taryn unleashes a flurry of punches before connecting with a dropkick from the turnbuckle. Kong stumbles and Taryn connects with a crossbody. Kong powers out of a pin attempt at two.

    Kong counters the Taryn Cutter, then she climbs the ropes. Kong misses a splash from the turnbuckle. Taryn connects with the Taryn Cutter! Kong powers out again at two!

    With a running dropkick, Taryn sends Kong to the outside. Gail Kim is back up and she and Taryn battle on the turnbuckle. Gail shoves Taryn to the mat before leaping onto Kong with a crossbody!

    Gail and Taryn again meet on top of the turnbuckle for a second time. This time, Gail connects with a rolling powerbomb! Somehow, Taryn’s out a two and she counters Gail’s Eat Defeat with a schoolgirl to retain her title.

    Winner: Taryn Terrell

    Backstage: James Storm tells Matt Hardy, “The time has come.”



    Backstage: Kurt Angle says he’s still one of the best in the business.

    No Disqualification
    James Storm vs. Matt Hardy​

    James Storm is accompanied by the rest of The Revolution.

    Hardy and Storm begin their battle on the ramp! Hardy gets Storm into the ring and the bell sounds. Hardy fends off Sanada before loading the ring with an array of hardcore weapons, including chairs and trash cans.

    As Hardy climbs into the ring, Manik grabs his ankle, creating a distraction that allows James Storm to capitalize. Storm mounts a chair in the corner. As he turns, Hardy connects with a garbage can! Storm and Hardy trade blows with the can and its lid.

    Hardy connects with a leg drop, but Manik and Sanada prevent him from reaching the top rope untouched. Storm sets up two chairs in the center of the ring before superplexing Hardy onto the chairs!

    Hardy kicks out at two! Storm directs Abyss to deliver a bag of thumb tacks. Storm pours the bag onto the mat. He appears to be attempting a second superplex, but Matt Hardy counters, sending Storm crashing into the pile of tacks!

    Hardy connects with an elbow drop from the top rope! Storm’s out a two! Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate! Abyss interrupts the referee’s count and The Revolution attacks Hardy.

    Matt Hardy counters each of their attacks, but ultimately, he’s driven head-first into the chair in the corner by James Storm. Hardy kicks out of a pin attempt at two before delivering a second Twist of Fate!

    Abyss slides a cowbell into the ring and Sanada sprays mist in the eyes of Matt Hardy. Storm connects with a cheap shot to the back of the head; he follows it up with two Last Calls and a three count.

    Winner: James Storm

    Post-match: Storm says he’s the reason Jeff Hardy’s out of professional wrestling. He says Matt can visit Jeff in the hospital. Storm takes a cheap shot with the cowbell to the back of the head before saying there’s always room for one more in The Revolution.



    World Heavyweight Championship
    Kurt Angle vs. Lashley (c)​

    The bell sounds and for the first time ever, Lashley and Angle meet one-on-one.

    Lashley powers Kurt Angle to the mat with a shoulder block. He follows it up with a leg sweep, a clothesline and a takedown. Angle’s able to escape a headlock and connect with a belly-to-belly suplex.

    Angle grounds Lashley with an ankle lock, after three German suplexes! Lashley reaches the ropes, but upon rising to his feet, Angle sends him over the top rope with a clothesline. Angle pursues Lashley around the ring, but enough separation is created to allow Lashley to drop Angle over the guardrail!

    Lashley drives Angle into the apron and drops a series of elbows across the back of Angle’s head. Lashley stomps and chokes Angle in the corner before connecting with a vertical suplex.

    Angle battles out of a submission by Lashley, but he’s powered down again with a clothesline and locked into an armbar. Lashley whips Angle into the corner. Angle explodes with a back elbow and follows up with a diving shoulder block.

    Lashley and Angle trade blows in the center of the ring. The exchange culminates with three more German suplexes from Kurt Angle! Angle attempts an Angle Slam, but Lashley counters with a huge spinebuster!

    Lashley rushes across the ring, hoping to connect with a spear – but Angle sidesteps and connects with five more German suplexes! Angle locks in the ankle lock! Lashley refuses to tap, counters the hold and powers Angle to the mat with a slam.

    Lashley attempts another spear, but again, Angle counters – this time into a school boy that he turns into another ankle lock. Lashley rolls through, sending Angle head first into the center turnbuckle.

    Angle counters another spear attempt into the Angle Slam! Lashley makes it out at two. Lashley powers Angle down with another clothesline following a high back elbow. He follows up with a hanging vertical suplex and a spear!

    Angle just barely gets his shoulder up before three! Lashley ascends the ropes. Angle attempts to throw Lashley from the top rope, but Lashley counters, sending Angle back to the mat. Angle moves and Lashley comes up empty with the splash!

    Angle connects with a crossbody from the top rope. Lashley rolls through and locks in an ankle lock of his own! Angle makes it to the ropes. Lashley misses a clothesline, which allows Angle to score a second Angle Slam.

    Lashley powers out a two. He locks Angle into a cross arm breaker. Angle rolls toward Lashley and turns the hold into an ankle lock! Angle drags Lashley to the center of the ring and increases the pressure on the hold. Lashley taps!

    Winner: Kurt Angle – New World Heavyweight Champion



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