News IMPACT Wrestling Cancelled by Spike TV?

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  1. Wow. I wasn't seriously expecting that.
  2. Sucks to suck. They've gotten better after Slammiversary in my opinion but it doesn't stop them from getting shit on.

    Now that they are off television, I can use all the wrestlers for my BTB. ALSO, sucks to suck for the wrestlers that signed MULTI-YEAR CONTRACTS HAHAHAHAHA. (It probably doesn't cause it might just mean nothing but still... HAHA)
  3. Maybe the Oprah Winfrey Network can pick them up.
  4. Little update...

    In an update, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that while Spike TV officials informed Carter of their decision, Carter actually told her staff in a meeting this past Friday that TNA Wrestling had made the decision to leave Spike TV "on their own volition due to a lack of promotion."

    The Wrestling Observer further reports that Spike TV's decision to cancel Impact Wrestling came just days after the television network found out that Vince Russo was still working for TNA Wrestling.


    So Spike actually cancelled but Dixie told her staff it was her decision to walk away from Spike... I guess she's trying to feel like she is actually in control of everything when in actuality everything is in a downward spiral. Should be interesting to see what happens now.
  5. I guess WWE will have new content to air for the Network soon lol.

    In all seriousness (wait, I was being serious...), they still have two months to ink a new TV deal with someone else. I still question why Spike TV would cancel TNA when Impact Wrestling is supposed to be their highest-rated show. Doing so just out of spite because TNA decided to work with Vince Russo again (supposedly?) just shows foolishness on their part.
  6. I'm kinda glad because I wanted them to be on a new network forever. Spike and TNA sucked at promoting them.
  7. Damn, this sucks ass. TNA's been getting good again, hope they find somewhere else to put their show on - and they have a contract with Challenge UK TV, so if it works out, I can still have a WWE alternative every week on my TV. Dixie did some stupid things, so did Spike. TNA has to survive though.
  8. Personally, I think it's better if they find another network anyhow. Spike was bad at promoting them, so hopefully this pushes them to find at least a network that'll promote them better than Spike.
  9. Wow. Sucks to be them.
    I actually think both Cops and Ink master (or some show of the sort) and maybe even Bellator has overtaken impact in the ratings for Spike.
  10. Awful news for any true pro wrestling fan. Hopefully TNA finds dome other TV deal very, very soon. UTA should probably help them with it.

    Cops yes, Ink Master sometimes, but Bellator? Lmao, Bellator's best audience is like 750k or something. Impact is usually #2 weekly on Spike.
  11. I was uncertain on Bellator. Heard that Spike was high on them so I figured their ratings had something to do with that.
  12. Shame on the talented people possibly losing their jobs. But this has been the writing on the wall for a while now.

    Hopefully the talent can find some new places to work. Perhaps a new non-Dixie company springs from this, who knows. That is if TNA doesn't find another TV home.
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  14. GFW might get a lot of the talent from TNA if they do shut up shop. Jeff Jarret has to be loving this from a business point of view.

    But sad news indeed, so I am guessing this means no TV from this week onwards? or basically no renewal?

    EDIT: Nevermind it's from october, TNA has time to get a new deal together but 2 months is barely enough time in the business world. Here's hoping they pull it off, I've really enjoyed the product lately.
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  15. TV will run through October when the current contract runs out. Then....who knows
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  16. That's weird because the one Bellator PPV sold the equivalent of like 10 TNA PPVs
  17. They run cringeworthy TNA shows from 2010-Early 2014 and they give it the ax when it actually gets good?
  18. Well that sucks for the TNA guys. Hopefully they can find a new network.

    On a completely unrelated note - Screw the judges on Ink Master man. Especially Nunez.
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