IMPACT Wrestling - July 18 Live Discussion (Louisville, KY)

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    - On the huge broadcast, Bully Ray of The Aces and Eights will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Sabin! Each year, the X Division champion has the option to cash in their gold for a shot at the World Title - and Sabin is prepared for his chance at making history on Thursday night! On the biggest yearly stage for the X Division, can Sabin beat Bully Ray for the World Title on Thursday night in the main event? Don't miss it!​
    - The battle lines are set between the new Main Event Mafia and the Aces and Eights, and all hell will break loose on Thursday LIVE on IMPACT! The fight is on between the two alliances, and the future of TNA hangs in the balance! The war begins on Thursday night between the Mafia and the Aces!​
    - The "Bound For Glory Series" continues on Thursday's special IMPACT, as Austin Aries will battle Bobby Roode in a rematch from the Destination X 2012 event! Former tag team partners will collide with BFG Series points up for grabs!​
    - Plus, Qualifying Matches will take place on Thursday night as X Division stars from the Past, Present and Future battle to determine a NEW X Division Champion!​
    All this and much more on Thursday's special Destination X LIVE IMPACT on SpikeTV at 9/8c - don't miss one of the biggest IMPACT events of the year, from the Broadbent Arena in Louisville, Kentucky!​

  2. Alrighty..... Now that it's less than two hours to go and the thread has been created. Who plans to be here discussing the show tonight, brothers? :hogan:
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Thread Status:
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