News Impact Wrestling Reportedly Cancelled

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  1. Dave Meltzer of is reporting that Destination America has made the decision to cancel all TNA Wrestling programming in the fall once the current television season ends. According to Meltzer, the decision was made just days before the announcement that Impact would be moving to Wednesday nights and top people at the Discovery Channel were informed at that point.

    While the ratings were considered good, it's said that they haven't been good enough to justify the cost of having TNA programming on the network. It's reported that several station advertisers specifically haven't wanted to advertise on the show.

    Because it's in the best interest of both parties not to announce the decision right now, it's expected that Destination American won't publicly acknowledge the cancellation until the fall.
  2. Going out of buildness so soon? Nice knowing ya, TNA.
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  3. Is TNA dead yet?
  4. It'll prolly be dead this coming Fall. I'll let you know. :zayn:
  5. TNA sucked and I won't miss it.
  6. Let me rant here. TNA's always been shit. Every now and then they are all like, "watch TNA brah it's back brah" and I tune in, it's always the same shit. Faction vs. faction part 2: Electric Boogalo

    just die already ffs
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  7. That still leaves them with another 3-4 months to find another television deal with someone else. Not that their demise would affect me or anything, but this is hardly the first time they've been this close to going under and then managed to barely survive at the last moment anyway. Just saying.
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  8. they technically still got tv deals outside of america. Like the UK and Germany. That's about it.
  9. They've had some great matches over the years, but the storyline/angles portion of the show has pretty much always been lacking with only a few exceptions along the way IMO.

    I didn't watch on a consistent basis for that long, but I'll say that Roode vs Aries is probably the best feud I've seen since I got back into wrestling a few years back
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  10. TNA has been better than WWE for the past year or so (even if it's not saying much) but this year we've had EC3 vs Spud which was glorious and were building up to EC3's first title reign...

    Hopefully something happens and it gets worked out but TNA have some great young talent, Angle will be getting rekt by EC3, we have Roode/Aries vs Wolves, TARYN TERRELL IS LOVE (TARYN TERRELL IS LIFE) and the X-Division which is being featured more prominantly now with Destination-X coming up soon. I hope it all gets sorted out in the US, kinda sad that they have so many great overseas deals but in the US, they're so fucked. Maybe Netflix can save TNA in the US...
  11. lol

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  12. Which means jack shit. You need to produce material for that, and they won't be able to.
  13. Meh, I don't think they'll be able to find another outlet.. maybe WGN but I doubt it at this point.
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    Again: What did Discovery America expect?

    Don't even know what to say about this
  15. Any new network will be a downgrade from DA, which was a downgrade from Spike. This is a vicious cycle TNA are stuck in
  16. If they can get a deal with a station like NESN, it would be an upgrade :emoji_wink:
  17. WGN >> DA in the States.
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  18. Are TNA owned by a broadcasting company and part of a sports package (that's how RO got on NESN)?

    The one thing that could secure TNA staying on TV is being sold to a broadcaster willing to keep them on as a stripped down, cheap programming. But there are a few roadblocks on that. Particularly the Carter family. Dixie is a moron it seems and thinks she can run a wrestling company and has daddy Bob paying for it, and he is only willing to sell if Dixie is kept on in charge, which will just mean it'll be same old same old

    For TNA to survive, they need to burn it to the ground and start from the bottom, because the brand itself is damaged.
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  19. WGN > DA overall since DA only airs in America since it's redneck TV. So they won't get on it then. How is a show that cannot get advertisers on a redneck channel because it is considered too low brow supposed to get on WGN?
  20. Because nobody wants to advertise on Discovery America. WGN is available on basic packages

    Obviously the post you made is sadly true, as much as I want to dispute it the death of TNA is the second most beloved thing among wrestling fans by a huge margin... probably first now due to the Cena Open Challenge warming people up to him