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  1. Based on the NXT Weekly Show Discussion but even more necessary, here's the place to go to discuss Impact Wrestling as it comes on every week on Disc... Destination America on Friday nig... screw it:

    Here's the place to go to discuss Impact Wrestling as it comes on every week online at your convenience. :adr:

    Any thoughts on the weekly show go in here, all y'all just signing up accounts to start some Total Nonstop Drama can hit the bricks. :tough:
  2. Not a fan of the X tite hot shotting and it always being given up for option C. EC3 the best heel, Spud best babyface. The show was fine.
  3. I'm still so behind on TNA but the 6-man X-Division matches every single week are hilarious. Like, why not give Spud his title rematch 1 on 1 instead of doing that? But hey, Roode never got his own World Title rematch so apparently it's only ever done when it's convenient. Anyways, DJ Z's face turns looks good IMO and it looks like he can finally show what he can do again. I wonder what Robbie E will do as a face, heck IMO TNA needs a heavyweight midcard title for guys like Jesse Godderz, Gunner, Bram... But then again there's so little time. And EY is so hilarious as this deranged crazy heel.

    Oh and what happened to the weekly Impact threads we used to get?
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    Sadly we just haven't had enough interest lately since the switch to Digimon America to still create them.
    Lots of Rate Impact threads went unread, hence the creation of this little thingie.

    Anyway, I'll go ahead and watch this ep and post a few thoughts if y'all want. It won't be a Raw-quality rant, but still. :haha:
  5. Ion is a face now? I think Sunday i'll be watching this episode. Rain and Aid LD @Snowman ?
  6. Yep, Robbie E and Zema turned face while Jesse is now a heel.

    Oh, and apparently Crimson is back and got #rekt by Bram.
  7. Why did you quote me to spoil something I clearly haven't seen?
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  8. sadly, sir, I have seen it. :okay:

  9. apparently the stuff I wanted to see cannot be unseen. Fuck you @CFCrusader I guess i'll wait until next week.
  10. Nah bro, this show was well worth watching despite the spoiler.

    Fuck this Grado guy though.

    wait a minute can I delete posts made in this thre...aww :okay:
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  11. Is there Taryn and her team?
  12. bathrobes and lingerie.
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  13. much like in your search history, Aids, Testicles will still pop up from time to time.
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  14. You mean lately? No not really. Not sure I understood the question though
  15. You're my new @Testify and I'm going to randomly continue to tag you. You haven't noticed almost all my tags for you have been pointless?
  16. Ohhhh, ok. I just thought you were drunk-tagging me bby
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  17. drunk tagging for me is just known as tagging.
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  18. There's 2 questions on this show that really seemed to loom over my head.

    1: What is EC3 so pissed off about? Can you not explain why his title shot is in such jeopardy on this show? I suppose it's because "if Aries wins the title, then Kurt would be the #1 on the Impact top five, meaning EC3 is SOL". Easy.
    2: Why does Kong have to do a "lingerie pillow fight" because Taryn said so?

    I'll give it a quality 8/10 though, enjoyed the vast majority of the show. Yes, Jacob, even the main event. And especially Awesome Kong running over chicks, that never gets old :otunga:

    You know how I am with mid-card belts, but I'm happy that it's always given up for Option C. Makes the World TItle more valuable, I usually just hate the "drama" that goes with it. I didn't buy that Sabin wanted to keep the X-Title, a belt he's held many times... but only I'd know that as the ultimate Sabin fanboy and self-deprecating jackass who'll bait the shit out of Aids - and I CERTAINLY didn't buy it with Austin Aries last year... But this year? With Spud's passionate promos about how he spent 15 years, busting his ass on the indies just to get to this point, and how winning the X-Title was a dream come true... I believed him. Because Rockstar Spud is the best babyface in all of pro wrestling, hell I'd take him over Sami Zayn or Whoever's Facing Cena at this point. And because I believed it it made his "I'm cashing in BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY" reasoning faneffingtastic. He actually could get that bullshit of losing the title to Kenny King for no reason over.

    Also, screw B&V for hating the barbershop quartet. That was money :dawg:

    One thing that annoys me is when guys DON'T successfully cash in Feast or Fired though. So often, the people who win those "good" briefcases wind up doing nothing in the end and it hurts the concept.