OOC [IMPORTANT] IWTMania matches

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    If you don't see your name listed below and you were expecting a match OR want one, please PM me or any of the creative team no later than Wednesday 20th March.

    Those currently who are booked for IWT Mania are:

    @DK James
    @sXe ToTo
    @CrayJ Lee
    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
    @CM Punk
    @Real Rock N Rolla
    @Big Boss
    @Aids Johnson
    @Dat Kid
    @The ReagMaster
    @Trip in the Head
    @Mystical George
    @Lord Ovalhead
    @gav the chav
    @Bill Clinton
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  2. Am I fighting Gohan
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  3. I don't want a fucking match, get me off of this.
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  4. Please no bullshit tag team match. My only request
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  5. South Park Voice: Niiice.
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  6. Okay, am I this forgettable?
  7. So this is everyone I'm facing in a handicap match?
    I'm ready
  8. To tie?
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  9. ?
  10. That Jono forgot me on the list.
  11. I'm here for you, bubba.
  12. So, what is the match card? And I would like to talk to whoever is going to make the thread for the match with me and Punk so I could have them include something.
  13. You wanna know who's gonna bury who?
  14. Card is in the final steps, that's why Jono posted this, to make sure we got as many that wanted in on the card at mania. And it would most likely be Jono making the match threads for Mania, like usual with the PPVs
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  15. Got you reading from the script like clockwork :obama:
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  16. But yeah Jwab Punk can tell me? Or you can PM me? Whichever