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    Active Roster: This is the active roster for Fight Night Wrestling if you are not here, you are located in the In-active roster. When you submit a character you are automatically put in that roster until you have your showcase. If you have been inactive and forfeited matches you have been moved there also.

    Name [] Win/Losses [] Custom Title Reigns [] Forfeits []Twitter[]
    Dat Kid []0 / 2 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Carmen Stevenson []2 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Aids Johnson []4 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Brian Messias []3 / 0 [] 0 [] 0 [] @TA_BrianMessias []
    Fred Vorhees []2 / 0 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Rodrigo []1 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] @FNWSpaniard []
    Jamie []0 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Jacob Colton []1 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] @EnygmaFNW []
    Sam Cornell []0 / 0 [] 0 [] 0 [] N/A []
    Chris Hawk []0 / 1 [] 0 [] 0 [] @ChrisHawkFNW []

    In-Active Roster: This is for people who haven't been active and missed matches or those who have created characters but haven't been showcased yet to move up to the active roster.


    Brent Nixon []0 / 1 [] 0 [] 1 [] N/A []
    Based God Darth []0 / 0 [] 0 [] 1 [] N/A []
    Max Power []0 / 0 [] 0 [] 1 [] @Max_PowerFNW []
    Jason Angel []1 / 1 [] 0 [] 1 [] N/A []

    Yet To Debut:
    DK James
    Andrew Evans

    1 - Nothing is to be taken seriously from promo battles
    2 - Please don't contact Admin or Staff as they hate to be bothered about these things. All Pm's go to me
    3 - Please don't post in matches you are not in, if you would like a match either:
    PM myself saying you want to compete
    Create a thread and ask for a challenge if someone accepts, I will make it official provided it can be written.
    4 - Championship Matches are awarded when the individual becomes number 1 contender, you can't just demand title matches, you must earn them.
    5 - If you lose a title match as champion, you have a 2 month rematch clause to cash it in. If you win a #1 contender match, PM me when you want your match
    6 - Some wins will be lost but this is to create interesting storylines, Please go with them instead of arguing.

    Post questions you would like to know and I'll add them here with answers

    Archives: Here will be a list of Fight Night Shows for you to read up on if you miss something, your new or you just fancy a gander.
  2. blue means im a legend, amiright.
  3. No Blue means a superstar page has been added for them
  4. Can we just challenge someone and make a match any time?
  5. You can challenge people, I'll post making it an official match or simply a brawl. A official match will then appear on the show, a brawl won't appear on the show and will never be referenced to.
  6. FNW Rules:

    #1 Everything said is Kayfabe unless stated that it is an out of character post (OOC)
    #2 Nothing said in promo battles is to be taken seriously against one another
    #3 Contact me regarding any problems you may have, admin have stated they don't want to be bugged with these problems
    #4 If you cannot compete when you have been booked, please inform me as early as possible so I can change the match
    #5 If you do miss a match, you will have 3 weeks to contact me asking for another match. If you don't contact me, you will be let go from FNW.
    #6 You can create threads challenging people to matches. If I am able to write a match up, I will make it official, if not it will be left up to public vote to decide the winner
    #7 Some matches maybe fixed to support storyline, I will pm you with who won the match based on promos if requested.
    #8 Do not take any posts here outside to other sections of the forum where they are irrelevant.
    #9 No mentioning of other e-feds such as IWT, Eminence Wrestling, etc.

    Open Challenges:

    If your not booked in a match, you may challenge someone not booked that week in a match. If they choose to accept, then I will review the show to see whether I can write an additional match, if I can, I will post in saying it has been made official and a deadline to post X amount of posts will be included. If one member doesn't post on it, they will not forfeit the match, the match will not be included in the show. If you issue an open challenge to anyone, and more than one challenge, it is up to the one who issued the challenge to decide who and how many opponents who accepted the challenge he/she wants to face.

    Outside Promos:
    You are permitted to create open promos to hype yourself as an individual, or promote a feud you are currently in. What you say maybe quoted in the show to help promote your feud.