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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Would you do anything to improve the alliance of Punk and Heyman? Or are you experiencing pure goodness right now with the way it's currently being booked?

    If you would change anything, post what. I personally want to see something more unique than Heyman basically being his announcer.
  2. I like the alliance how it is. However, I believe Punk should stop winning by cheating and stop being a coward. Would be sweet if he's more dominant... But I guess that's hard to be when you're going up against the untouchable Ryback.
  3. Meh, I kinda' like it how it is too. Heyman said in one interview that Punk is different than Brock Lesnar, who Heyman did all the talking for. Punk is a good talker. I just wish Punk wasn't portrayed as such a coward against Ryback. I believe that feud would have still be/been okay as it is/was, possibly even better. Ryback is so much bigger and still would have posed as a threat to Punk.
  4. I too wish Punk was a booked stronger. I wish he was booked as the genuinely skilled wrestler who outsmarted his opponents, but I sort of understand the coward booking, unfortunately.
  5. I guess we need a big storyline where Heyman has some grasp of power or possibly a stable to get things more interesting.
  6. Please explain the coward booking? Haha, I just don't seem to really understand it. Besides that he's the bad guy and good triumphs over bad, or whatever, lol. That's probably not it though.
  7. Coward booking - Where he's running out of the ring away from his opponents, where he's resorting to cheap tactics to win and then boasts about winning. It's just so generic, Punk is much better than generic heel imo. Why do all "bad guys" need to be scared of the "good guys"? It's just insulting.

    In my opinion.
  8. Yeah, you're right. It would be so much more interesting if the good guy and the bad guy were on the same level. Even movies display that better. At first, the bad guy is winning, way stronger than the good guy and at some point or another the good guy triumphs. The bad guy is almost always never that weak. Well, except in WWE lol. #WWElogic
  9. LOL i love the sig. Anyways continue discussion everyone just had to say that.
  10. Punk should take a page out of Paul's wardrobe. Believe it or not, Heyman isn't a corporate suit and tie man, but he pulls it off for business...

    CM Bum on the other hand, doesn't even know what an ironing board looks like.

    Other than that, stop being a spin doctor and get back to making the company better, champ
  11. I feel Heyman doesn't seem to do enough at times he just stands behind Punk looking smarmy. This isn't a huge problem with Punk being a great talker but I wish we could see more from Heyman. Plus the coward booking of Punk has made him look so weak they need to build him back up a little here as his Best in the World moniker looks a little ridiculous atm if u arent aware of how hugely talented Punk is or u have a short attention span and cant remember how good he is.
  12. I agree. :win:
  13. Yes hey an should dump punk and go to miz
  14. Whilst this would be cool I have to disagree as Miz is yet another guy who can work the mic alone so It'd sorta imo end up the same as it is with Punk with Heyman not actually doing too much.
  15. It's just a bore with punk he shoul suggest going to another superstar
  16. Honestly, I'm tired of the cowardly heel roll all together. They should do away with that because its tired and played out now. Its just hard for me to take him serious because he went from being s damn good champion to a coward over night. They could keep him heel but make him less cowardly.
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