In Hindsight I'm pissed off with Kidd vs Tensai

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  1. A couple of weeks ago on Raw. Of course I was over the moon with the result, and the fact it meant Tyson was getting a push, however how much better could it of been?

    The match lasted what - a minute? The fans didn't exactly care that much when he won. 'Oh a match I don't care about's started, oh yay the good guy won.'

    How much better would it have been if it had gone on 10-15 minutes, Tensai getting loads of offence with Kidd occasionally getting back into it, with the crowd getting behind him. Eventually Kidd steals the win and the crowd are delighted.

    Also, why the hell did Tensai have to lose his winning streak to super Sheamus? It didn't benefit him whatsoever, imagine what I it could've done for Tyson? It could've done wonders for him and made a new star.

    Instead though they have to rush it, put absolutely no thought into it and generally stall his push compared to what they could've done. I'm over the moon that he's being pushed but this match could've been done sooooo much better.
  2. And then Tensai beat his ass in the locker room. I said most of this in my review as soon as it happened. It's like WWE wanted to do something right but they just didn't know how.
  3. I agree @[R'Albin] Tyson should have got the win when Tensai was a serious competitor and unbeatable, that win was tainted
  4. Damn forgot about the locker room part, that was even more retarded.

    It's so unusual for them to do something good, so it's hard for them to know what to do. Still, they did about everything they could to fuck up Bryan's push and it turned him into a megastar so I live in hope.
  5. Ironically the thing that put Bryan over the top was their biggest blunder of them all (the 18 second WM match)
  6. It's so stupid when you think about it, DAT Miami crowd single handedly pushed him..
  7. I actually feel the same way. I'm trying to dumb-mark it as a Tyson mark, but with the way WWE always does face vs heel, they single handedly killed off all of Tensai's credibility just to push yet another mid-card babyface they won't have anything to do with.

    But lets just keep that in the back of our minds, shall we? Tyson push! :win:
  8. > Smarks demand Tyson appear on RAW without jobbing, and actually having a storyline.
    > Smarks wait ages and keep complaining
    > WWE puts Tyson on TV and has him go over Tensai clean in an underdog manner
    > Smarks are happy :yay:
    > WWE then does the right thing continuing the storyline and having Tensai still look strong -- pushing forward that underdog mentality
    > Smarks complain
    > Smarks now hate this storyline

    Welcome to the IWC.
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  9. As I said Crayo I'm still over the moon that Kidd is getting pushed, but do you not agree that it could've been done in a way that was a lot more exciting and would've gotten him more fan backing?
  10. Every single feud in WWE can be done better. My attitude (not necessarily the right one) is if we get something that we enjoy watching -- in this case an underutilized Kidd on RAW with a story -- then accept it as good. If you were on WWE creative right now, would you seriously book Tyson to keep going over Tensai? Tyson is the perfect size for the underdog wrestler and has the perfect wrestling style for it too. Think of him as Rey Mysterio without the mask. If you have Tyson get beat down by this giant monster, it makes that final win much more satisfying which makes Tyson over with the casuals.

    Though it's hard to get fan backing when you feud with charisma sucking Albert. Lol. Personally I like it because Kidd has a story on RAW where if logic comes into play then he'll be winning that feud. I will only complain after the feud is done and Tensai comes out the better, until then, optimism is my friend :emoji_slight_smile:.
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  11. This. Not only are we getting a Tyson push, but he's getting pushed as something besides "SuperKidd". He's the vulnerable underdog right now, and that's coming off as really likable.
  12. I hate when people try to lump the IWC/smarks into having one singular opinion. You take something smark A says and something smark B says and try to lump them together and make it out like the IWC is full of hypocrites "OH IWC YOU SILLY BITCH YOU NEVER HAPPY!'
  13. I know you get horny off random debates but no one can debate the IWC isn't full of complaining hypocrites lmao.

    @Rain: Spot on. The crowd loves an underdog and I really hope Kidd gets over despite being with Albert. He's so faultless in the ring so we don't have to worry there. One of the cleanest and consistent wrestlers in the world atm.
  15. Because people use the tactics that I've just explained. As a whole of course any mass group of people will look hypocritical if you try and combine all of their opinions into one.

    You always make it out like we should be happy with whatever shit WWE gives us. I ask for DZ to get a ME push, he is put into a lame feud with Punk where he is basically buried, I complain, and you say 'lol silly IWC why you no enjoy DZ in the ME??'
  16. That's exactly it though. They have to book him as an underdog, have the fans get so resigned to the fact that he's losing so they get shocked and happy when he wins. They did that well. But they didn't give the fans any reason to care - which defeats the purpose. So now - even if he beats Tensai again - the 'holy shit' factor has totally gone, meaning he won't get the fan support he could've done.

    Just because it's WWE I'm not gonna expect crap story lines and go "oh well, at least my favourite is doing well".

    Oh and if Kidd doesn't come out of this the better man, then fuck WWE.
  17. Moving on. Let's not make another thread about Dolph and his period.

    Not sure how they'll continue Tyson/Tensai at MITB though. I don't see either of them winning it, maybe one costs the other insinuating the feud carrying on.

    Edit: @Ralbin, how can Tyson look like an underdog without taking some beatings? None of his beatings have been clean either, both have been cheap shots.
  18. Hey, Vickie Guerrero is showing some interest in Tensai. Maybe she can help get him over?

    With as bad as the current regime is, that's really the best we can hope for.
    So far, I'm fine with the way it's booked. It's similar to Aries/Bully Ray, where Ray bullied the little guy so much for so long that Aries Brainbustering him felt absolutely epic... so Tyson's eventual comeuppance will be a magical moment.

    But, then again, wwelogic could rear it's ugly head.
  19. Chalking this up as a forfeit.

    D'Z wins again; still undefeated :win: