Storyline In Jesus' Name

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  1. *The scene opens up with Joey Bryant standing by a body of water in the night. He's slowly walking next to the water in street clothes without the IWT Championship for once. He sighs when he sees the camera and stops walking and stares straight into it.*

    "Look... who's... back. Victoria Parker, a 1st generation superstar rising from the ashes of her fallen comrade, Farooq. That's how it is with you people, one falls, another shows up, there's never an end, and I've come to accept that. Parker when we meet face to face again for the first time since last November, it's going to be legendary, a moment that goes down in IWT History. Everyone remembers Joey vs Aids as a match but people often forget you were there as well. You shot a loaded gun in that arena, as a rookie, you intimidated me, I'll admit that. But since you've gone into your psycho ward, I don't know how much IWT you've been watching, but I'm a 2x IWT Champion... your mind games will never affect me again and I can see right through your persona right now. You'll snap again once you climb up to my title and lose to me, and I can't wait to drive the van back to the psych ward and make sure you never come back. But I'm anticipating our eventual meeting, don't be thinking of bringing a knife to a gun fight...I'll say a prayer for you."

    *He begins to walk again down the water bed but stops again after a little and looks into the camera again.*

    "Before this... before this speech, we'd like to thank the most higher being. On behalf of the second generation, Chris Kaizer, and all in attendance. Knowing that all things belong to those for the cleanliness and the power of the first in the nation to prove who they are. Through infinity, through eternity, through time span, leaves standing one man and if you hold my hand...then hold my hand. With all things around me I will never win. I won't win with the angels. I won't win with my brothers. I won't win with the Church. I won't win with Alias and Kaizer. Let heads roll and let us tell them why we did what we did... In Jesus' name.......amen."

    *He closes his eyes and smiles lightly and after a few seconds he opens his eyes.*

    "I will once again sacrifice myself for the well-being of this company, sincerely, your next tag team champion, your IWT Champion, Joey...Bryant."

    *He pushes the camera as the feed cuts.*
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